Pretty Little Liars’ Julian Morris Talks Wrencer in Season 3 & The Big “A” Connections – Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Julian Morris Talks Wrencer in Season 3 & The Big “A” Connections – Exclusive

Will Wrencer fans be getting some love from their favorite couple in Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars? Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Julian Morris (who plays Wren) at The Influence Affair at Mohamed Hadid’s (yes, the Mohamed from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) home in Bel-Air to talk about Wrencer and how Wren may play into the whole “A” mystery.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Let’s talk Pretty Little Liars! Wren is back on!
Julian: Wren is back on, so excited!

Will we see any scenes between you and Spencer?
Of course, come on, of course!

Obviously everything is tightly held up but the new season is fantastic. It’s definitely darker and edgier than audiences have seen before which is great because we can keep people on their toes and keep people really interested. As far as Wren goes, listen I think you know from the beginning his heart has been for Spencer. That said, there could possibly be other avenues opening up.

Will Wren find out about the “A” mess this season?
You know what I think Wren is a romantic and I think just as me speaking as Julian, I think Wren deserves to be in a fantastic relationship with some woman who just adores and loves him. Personally, I’m on Team Wrencer!

So will Wren find out about the “A” mess this season? Give me something!
Very, very possibly. Very possibly.

Some fans think that Wren is a top suspect for the “A” group, what do you make of that?
What does Julian make of Wren being a suspect?

I think everyone is a potential suspect.

Do you want to elaborate on that?
It’s like any other show. It’s so easy to lie to you, this one they literally like, you can’t talk about this, you can’t say that … but it’s good because I do think it makes the show more fun to watch. You don’t know what’s happening and the other thing is they keep us really in the dark until the last moment. The actors are the last sort of people to get the script so it’s always a great surprise. It’s fantastic because you get the script and you’re like, Aaaaah, this is what’s happening! And although I’m not in every episode I follow the show so it’ always fun to get the script, read, and go Aah! So this is what’s happening!

So as an actor you’re still surprised about the storylines?
Oh yeah for sure! Of course and that’s a testament to the writers and particularly Marlene [King] who heads it up, who is the EP. It’s great, I think everyone has fun doing it as well. It’s a really fun show to be apart of and of course the fans make it what it is and getting their feedback on Twitter and Facebook and other avenues is what makes it such a fun show to be apart of.

What did you think of the fan reaction to the Season 2 finale?
I loved it! One, I loved that there was such a reaction to it, obviously lots of different opinions but I was surprised when I saw it. I thought it was great. Listen it’s always fantastic to be a part of something that people are watching and people are interested in. I love that.

Do you have a favorite behind-the-scenes moment so far or a favorite episode that you’ve done?
Yeah obviously shooting the pilot which we shot in Vancouver. We do the show in LA but the pilot we shot in Vancouver. And of course that was before it aired so we were all getting to know each other. I knew Lucy Hale from doing Privileged, in fact here’s a bit of trivia for you, I met Lucy for the first time in this house!

Really? How random!
We did an episode of Privileged that I was in was shot in this house. So I met Lucy here in this house. That was fantastic so that’s obviously a stand out. What else stands out? Loved, obviously, all my scenes with Troian who plays Spencer, we get on amazingly. I think we’re quite similar so that’s cool.

Where would you like to see your character go?
It’s funny because Wren is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever played so I feel really protective of him. How I see him is I think he’s in pain, I think he has incredibly strong feelings, I think he’s in love with Spencer. But obviously he’s respectful of her and of her situation so I mean if I was friends with Wren I would want to see him happy. I think he’s a romantic, I think he’s a dreamer, you know he’s got his professional life, he’s a doctor, but he’s a good guy. I’d love to see him happy and with someone who deserves him! Whether that’s Spencer or someone else, who knows!

Catch an all-new Pretty Little Liars when Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, June 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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