ANTM Cycle 18’s Kyle Defends Booty Tooch, Talks Laura’s Self-Love Toy – Exclusive
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 18’s Kyle Defends Booty Tooch, Talks Laura’s Self-Love Toy – Exclusive

Last week, there were two huge surprises in the America's Next Top Model universe. Tyra Banks fired her longtime co-judges Nigel Barker, J. Alexander, and Jay Manuel. And before that, ANTM Cycle 18’s most recently eliminated modelstant, Kyle Gober, told us that she is nine weeks pregnant and engaged.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Kyle gave us her take on what was left on the cutting room floor this season, why Laura disliked her so much, and the story of the masturbation bear. Read our interview below.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was your initial reaction after being eliminated?
Kyle Gober: Actually I went into panel thinking I was so confident. I thought I was gonna get a really good photo. I was doing all these crazy tricks. Out of our trio with Laura and Alisha, Mr. Jay told me that I did the best and I was getting all this positive feedback and I thought yes, I’m actually stepping it up, maybe things are going to get better and I’m going to get a really good photo. I was really confident, and when I found out I was in the bottom two, I was like, I’m going home, for sure. I had a feeling in my stomach that I was going home. Because I was in the bottom two last week, so I just knew. And going against Alisha, Alisha is an amazing model. She was the first called out with the music video, so there was no way, no way that I was staying. I was really upset, I felt like it wasn’t my time to go, but it is what it is and I just have to accept it. I was so surprised.

Is there anything you wish they’d shown on the show?
I thought they were pretty true to everything. I guess one thing, last night’s episode, the reason why I had that fake booty tooch is because none of those dresses would fit me. I went through every dress on that rack, and I was the tallest girl in the house, and nothing fit me, so they had to give me that. And we were joking around like me and the girls, I was like, “Oh I look like Kim Kardashian” and dancing around and stuff, because I had this big butt in, and the girls were laughing too but then when I watched the episode, they seemed so mad that I had got the butt and I was just really confused, because a lot of times no one ever said anything to my face, so I didn’t know how people were feeling until I see it now.

Were you surprised to watch the episodes and see the other girls’ negativity?
Especially Laura, Laura really, really hated me for reasons I still don’t know, ‘til I die, I had nothing to do with her petty bear ear. That whole thing, I wish they would have shown how the whole thing went down. Laura had told everyone, I’m sorry to be a bit vulgar, but she told everyone that she was masturbating with this bear, and the other girls were like, “We’re going to give it a bath cuz it’s dirty” or whatever, and we were all laughing and she was laughing too. So no one knew she was going to freak out like she did. I was actually trying to get it back for her, I had stuck my hand in the pool after the foot thing and I was trying to get it back, me and AzMarie both were, and a lot of the girls saw that, so I was just really confused. She never talked to me about why she was mad at me. I went and asked her multiple times, why are you mad at me, she would never say anything mean and then all the way up to elimination she never said anything to me at all. But when I see it on TV, she’s so angry and says so many bad things about me. Everything could have been better if she had just talked to me about it.

ANTM Cycle 18’s Kyle Defends Booty Tooch, Talks Laura’s Self-Love Toy – Exclusive
Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW ©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved    

Do you think the other girls were threatened by you?
Yeah, I do think so, a little bit. I can’t help what people think about me, I can’t change anyone’s opinion. I know I didn’t do good on the commercial and I admitted it to the girls, and I thought [the consumers on the panel] were going to be awful to me. I thought I was gonna get it the worst because I messed up so bad, but I didn’t. They had made some really racist comments to some of the girls, and I was the first one to be like, we need to tell a producer because this is not right. I just felt like they were all ganged up on me because I didn’t do good.

A lot of things with me and Eboni [were] taken out of context. A lot of the comments she made weren’t toward me, but they made it look like it was towards me. [Eboni] was actually saying, “What the eff!” to people that were making comments about them. Me and Eboni now, a lot of people were really surprised, but me and Eboni are really close, like I talk to Eboni every day.

Who are you closest to from the show?
Mariah, Mariah is my best friend now. I’m nine weeks pregnant, and she’s like the God model, so she’s gonna be teaching me to model and stuff. Me and my fiancé are having a baby. Yeah, it’s really exciting. A lot of people think it’s going to stop me from modeling but it’s not, I’m going to keep doing it, just putting a little damper on it for the moment. [Maternity modeling] would be fun.

Who are you rooting for now?
I think it’s Eboni, and I hope it’s Eboni. I’m excited to see how the show goes, I’m excited. I really hope it’s Eboni because we get along great and I think out of all the girls, she has a diverse look, she’s commercial and she’s high fashion. She booked the most fashion shows when we were in Toronto and she’s been consistently good, so I really think she has a chance.

Who did you not get along with at all?
Laura of course, we never got along from the beginning, from the get-go. She just didn’t like me, no matter what I did. You know how it is with people, sometimes you just don’t like someone, so there’s nothing I could ever do to please her, so I just have to keep living my life.

Did you think the judging was fair?
Yeah I thought they were overall fair. I went into panel knowing that the judges have been there and they’ve done that. They’re not just going to be mean to you for no reason. They gave me constructive criticism on one of my episodes. The one where I was jumping up? Kelly [Cutrone] told me I had to be very careful with the lighting because it looked like my face was bruised, so now I know I have to be very careful with the lighting.

Tell us about your fiance.
We’ve known each other for five years, we’ve been off and on. So we’re engaged, and hopefully we’ll be getting married pretty soon. Kind of surprised, I’m really excited. It’ll be an adventure.

Catch the next episode of ANTM Cycle 18 on Wednesday, April 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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