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Jersey Shore

Aww: Vinny Thinks Snooki Will Be a “Super-Human” Mom

Like pretty much everyone else in America, Jersey Shore housemate Vinny was shocked when a newly pregnant Snooki announced that she would be bringing a baby into the world.

But it didn’t take long for him to get over his surprise and stand behind Team Snooki.

“She’s like a human I’ve never encountered before,” the reality star told Celebuzz.

The two castmates may have shared some wild moments in the past, but Vinny seems to think Snooki will make a great mom—perhaps thanks to her ability to do anything (including party).

“She can do extraordinary things,” he said. “In a party way, she can drink more than anyone I’ve ever met; she can stay up for longer periods of time. She’s super-human. If she applies that to her parenting, I think she’ll actually be a good mom.”

Hmm, translating partying skills into the ability to raise a child is certainly an interesting theory for motherhood. But then again, we’re talking about a woman who’s managed to make a fortune out of eating pickles on television. Maybe Snooki really can do anything, including raising a precious meatball of her own.

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Source: Celebuzz

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