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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: Shonda Rhimes Explains Her Feelings About Owen/Cristina

Dear Shonda Rhimes: We love you, but can you please quit playing games with our hearts? (Oh, who are we kidding? This is Grey's!). Owen (Kevin McKidd)/Cristina (Sandra Oh) fans have had it tough during Grey's Anatomy Season 8, and Shonda Rhimes hasn't exactly helped make it any easier for us.

At one point Cristina/Owen fans let out a collective sigh of relief when she tweeted, "I have no intention of splitting [Owen and Cristina] up." But she later backtracked on what seemed like a clear assurance of a happy ending, telling Wetpaint Entertainment, "That doesn't mean they're going to stay together. It just means that I want to keep them together."

What gives? In a recent interview with TV Guide, Shonda clarified her thoughts on the couple, somewhat.

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"I do ultimately think that they belong together," Shonda said. "But that road could be very long, or it could be short." And whatever happens, that statement does not mean "they're going to hold hands and skip happily off into the sunset." (Can you imagine Cristina skipping, anyway?)

From what Shonda says, it definitely sounds like we can't expect too much resolution by the end of the season. "When we end the season, so many other things are happening that I'm not sure that you're going to spend time worrying about whether or not Cristina and Owen are going to be together."

She adds that "In the episode before the finale [Episode 23: "Migration"], you will feel like you know what's going to happen to them, but their journey really does continue."

Since we know that “Migration” features the residents deciding if they're leaving Seattle Grace (and most of them do), we have a bad feeling that that means Cristina will chose to leave the hospital, and Owen will stay.

We hope we're wrong, because even thinking about that makes us sad.

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Source: TV Guide

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