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Dancing With The Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Fight With Melissa Gilbert: We Are the “Least Problematic Couple” on DWTS

Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s conscience is clear. He and Melissa Gilbert are friends and had a great rehearsal on Dancing With the Stars Season 14, Week 6. To him, the show only aired his fights with Melissa because he's been cast as The Bad Boy of the Ballroom and they needed his spats to play out his storyline instead of airing the laughter and fun they also had this week.

"I could get mad, I could be upset about this but actually I think what's happening is that no one else's negative moments are light enough for TV," Maks told Zap2it. "Mine are the lightest that you can broadcast, all the others ... It's like we can't show this on TV. So that's the story and I'm sticking with it because everyone gets frustrated. Literally this was the funnest week we never had, maybe 3 or 4% of the time we clashed, but come on — this is Week 6."

He gushed of Melissa, "This woman is amazing, she's bionic. I am telling you, she has overcome so much already. We don't talk about anything or make a story in packages over things where others blow-up, and to tell you the truth this is our journey and if we are the only ones that know what that is then so be it."

“There Are People That Do Absurd Things But You'll Never See That...”

Talking to On the Red Carpet, Maks also hinted to trouble with other couples that we don't get to see (which probably won’t endear him to the other couples, but maybe neither side cares).

"Look, you know, I don't think Van Damme or Stallone or someone would ever play a soft, gentle guy — they're typecast," Maks told OTRD. "I feel like that's what happened. To be honest with you, I think we're the least problematic couple. This week, of all the weeks, what's absurd to me is that we spent more time laughing this week than ever before and this week we had breakfast together, we go to lunches, we chat. We're friends."

They never expected that negative footage to air.

"Only with me — you will only see that drama with me,” he continued. “There are people that do absurd things but you'll never see that because they're not cast in the same way. There are some that are ‘good’ and some that are ‘pure’ and this and that whatever and you'll never hear it. I mean, Chelsie [Hightower]'s Mormon and you heard her curse out — and I love Chelsie. But the point is it's a psychologically obscene amount of work and to not get frustrated means you don't care about your job."

On top of that, he’s battling with The Powers That Be this week because the Week 7 dance they’ve been given is something he doesn’t want Melissa to do because he doesn’t think it will help her move forward. So he’s trying to get another style for her.

Melissa doesn’t say much herself, but nods a lot and agrees that they had a great week and wishes the show didn’t just air the bad stuff. To be fair, they did show some of the other pros getting frustrated with their partners, they just don’t come off in the same light as Maks. Maks is this big guy and the harsh things he occasionally says and does carry more weight than if, say, Chelsie or Mark Ballas said them. He’s like one of those big dogs who thinks he’s a little lap dog but they can’t get away with the same things.

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