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The Bachelor

The Bachelors’ Day Jobs: Because Looking for Love Doesn’t Pay ALL the Bills (PART 1)

The Bachelors reportedly get 6-figure paychecks to date 25 women at once. Tough life! But what else do the Bachelors do to make money? And what were they doing before ABC tapped them on the shoulders to join the party? We told you about the backgrounds of the eight women of The Bachelorette, so here’s a quick rundown of what the 15 Bachelors do — read 1 through 8 here and check back for the rest later! — to pay rent when they’re not dumping women on TV.


Alex Michel, Season 1
Alex was billed as a "management consultant" on The Bachelor and that’s one of those vague titles that could mean anything. If you tell the manager of In-N-Out how to improve the burgers, are you now a management consultant? Not that Alex is a slacker — he has an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BA from Harvard University. When not telling CEOs what to do, Alex has been known to produce travel documentaries. After The Bachelor he was also a spokesman for, and apparently he makes speeches on topics like "Decision-Making Under Pressure: Lessons From Candlelight Dinners Applied to the Corporate Jungle." According to, "Alex Michel - The Bachelor - is now available to speak at your next corporate event - with a unique message that is sure to capture your attendees attention!" Don’t all book at once!

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Aaron Buerge, Season 2
Aaron was known for being “the vice president of a chain of family-owned banks," but things have been tricky for him lately. Last year, the banker and restaurant owner filed for personal bankruptcy. According to the Baltimore Sun, court documents showed that Aaron and his businesses were $7 million in debt. Aaron clarified to People that he wasn't broke or in financial distress; the bankruptcy was due to the 2008 collapse of a bank that held a loan for his restaurant biz. The new loan-holder wanted him to pay back the money faster than Aaron originally planned. "We've been making payments … every month, but they've just been pushing to come after some private assets that I might have.” According to People, the assets total $2.3 million against liabilities of $9.3 million. Oof!

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Andrew Firestone, Season 3
Andrew is the great-grandson of Harvey Firestone, who founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company back in 1900. You know, Firestone tires? The family is also in the wine business (time for a wine taste-test challenge, Ben Flajnik!) and Andrew and his wife help the family run Curtis Winery in Los Olivos, CA . He also co-owns The Lincoln Room restaurant in San Diego.


Bob Guiney, Season 4

Bob and a childhood friend started their own company, Allied Home Mortgage, in 1999. Since being on The Bachelor/ette, Bob has released albums with his band Fat Amy/The Bob Guiney Band and published a book. He also does a lot of TV hosting — including on HGTV's Showhouse Showdown, Game Show Network’s GSN LIVE and GSN’s Bingo Blitz and TLC's Date My House. He also renovates and remodels homes 'cause he's big into real estate. Consider him the Jillian Harris of Bachelors.


Jesse Palmer, Season 5
The original Canadian Bachelor (as opposed to the new Bachelor Canada), Jesse was a football player with the New York Giants for four seasons. He's now a football commentator, covering college football for ESPN and working as a football analyst for TSN in Canada. He also appears to host Food Network Canada's Recipe to Riches. A foodie and a jock. Yum!


Byron Velvick, Season 6
Byron is a professional fisherman and the two-time winner of the important-sounding WON Bass U.S. Open champion. Like Jesse, Byron has also done commentary for ESPN. And, according to his website, "Byron Velvick is also well known as a 16 year touring professional angler on the exclusive B.A.S.S. Elite Tour as well as host/analyst of an extensive array of outdoor TV venues."


Charlie O'Connell, Season 7

Charlie is an actor, like his (more famous) brother Jerry, and they've appeared in some films together. You may have seen Charlie in Cruel Intentions, Sliders, Dude, Where's My Car? or Crossing Jordan, among other things. He also recently shot the horror film Huff — a dark, allegorical adaptation of The Three Little Pigs — in which he has the lead and title role.

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Travis Stork, Season 8
Travis is an ER doctor at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. You can flip through a slideshow of what a day for the chiseled ex Bachelor is like. Travis is also a host on the Daytime Emmy-winning talk show The Doctors. (Fancy.) He's also written and/or contributed to a few books, including The Lean Belly Prescription, The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health, The Doctor Is In and Don’t Be That Girl. (Overachieve, much, Travis?)

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