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Top 10 Quotes From Bones Season 7, Episode 10: “Your Worm Spanish Is Excellent”

Bones Season 7, Episode 10, "The Warrior in the Wuss" was jam-packed with doozies about dead worms, hanky panky, and nerdy lab equipment (obvs), so check out the top 10 quotes of the week! Not gonna lie — most of these are courtesy of Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and the collection of sprightly hairs on his chinny chin-chin (otherwise known as his beard).

10. Hodgins caresses his equipment: "I can’t get rid of any of these. These are like my children."
Somewhere, Baby Michael is crying.

9. Parker side-eyes his dad: "Christine can’t really do the things you say, dad."
Oh Parker, you fool. Christine can do everything.

8. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) tries to bond with Parker: "There’s a wooded area behind the house, I thought we could search for carrion and re-articulate their skeletons. You know, family project."
Nothing builds family memories like frolicking in the forest and finding dead animals.

7. Angela (Michaela Conlin) complains to Hodgins: "The motion sensors in our bedroom that control the blinds? When we have sex they open and close, and open and close."
We pity the neighbors.

6. Hodgins mourns the cancelled Founder's Day party: "Don’t they realize that by spending on a party, we're actually fueling the economy? You know, creating demand for, like, booze and food and a DJ? Come on, this is simple Keynesian economics."
Move over, Obama!

5. Brennan unintentionally asks a rhetorical question: "Do you think he’ll let me measure his extremities?"
Not everyone is as accommodating as Booth, girl.

4. Hodgins bonds with Clark: "You found cause of death, dude."
Clark: "That I did, bro."
Punctuated with a fist bump — we feel so safe with these two solving our nation's murder mysteries!

3. Cam (Tamara Taylor) compliments Hodgins: "Your worm Spanish is excellent."
Hodgins: "Si, es muy bueno."
Oh, these two!

2. Hodgins analyzes a worm: "Yeah well, this little turd could turn out to be our Rosetta Stone."
Christine's day care "turd" already has you covered, buddy.

1. Cam tries to prove Hodgins wrong: "You've got us in Mexico, when our victim was killed in D.C."
Hodgins: "Oh, no problema, senorita."
Check out that Spanglish! Little did we know, Hodgins is a huge Shakira fan.

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