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Top 10 Quotes From Khloe & Lamar Season 2, Episode 9: “Lamar vs. Lakers”

Compared to previous weeks, last night’s Khloe & Lamar Season 2, Episode 9 was pretty laid back. But without fail, it was still so deliciously full of snappy one-liners, we had a hard time narrowing them down to just 10. What can we say? Those K-dashes are a clever bunch! So, without further ado, here they are — the best of the best from last night’s episode.

10. Is There Something You Need to Tell Us, Lamar?
Khloe: What’s in ‘Mar’s belly?
Mason: Baby!

9. He Usually Plays Well With Others...
Lamar (to his new teammates): I’m a wh*re. I go where the champs go. You don’t win a championship, I can’t roll with you.

8. Excuse Us While We Start Playing the World’s Smallest Violin
Jamie: I feel like I got traded too, yo, but I’m still here.

7. A Stage That’s Lasted 30 Years?
Lamar (about Jamie): I think he’s just in a selfish stage.

6. Better Sleep with One Eye Open, Kendall
Khloe: Oh my god, I cannot wait to shave your head and make a wig.

5. True. That.
Malika: It’s that bromance sh*t we will never understand.

4. Khloe Tries Her Hand in the Kitchen
Khloe: Who gives you options for cupcakes in a box?

3. Rest Assured, Kris Jenner Can Always Find a Way to Have the Last Word
Kris (to Lamar): I’m probably more emotional about this game than you are.

2. Ain't that Sweet?
Kris (to Lamar): I would hug you right now but you’re awfully sweaty.

1. She Has a Point
Malika (about Jamie’s lack of party invites since Lamar left): Those are called conditional friends!

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04.24.2012 / 02:16 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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