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Victoria and Her New Lover on Revenge: Hot or Not?

Revenge is a fabulous show full of fabulous people, and we've spent most of this season watching Victoria sneer at the very thought of off-the-rack clothing.

Seriously, lady doesn't drink water unless it comes out of a glass bottle, so you can imagine our shock when she was thrust up against an artsy canvas for a love-making session with her old flame, Dominik.

Our eyes! Our ears! The humanity!

Not only did Victoria willingly flail around an apartment filled with boho-chic furniture and strange "art," she actually enjoyed herself while doing so.

But let's press the pause button for a moment. Is it really so bad that Vicki and Dominik are having a sexy middle-aged affair? Is it even possible that their random hippie hookup was hot?

Dom's body is nothing to sneeze at, and lord knows we can't resist an accent. Maybe it's high time that Victoria abandoned her closet full of Herve Leger and slipped into a peasant blouse and pair of parachute pants!

We know this is a controversial topic (much like Jack's middle-parted hair), but we officially give Victoria and Dominik the Wetpaint Entertainment Hottie seal of approval! Do you agree?

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04.24.2012 / 08:44 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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