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The Vampire Diaries

What to Expect in Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 20, “Do Not Go Gentle”: A Detailed Analysis of the Promo Video

We know what you’re thinking: A Vampire Diaries decade dance. Someone will nearly die and everyone will dress up in costumes and dance with each other — not necessarily in that order. Much like Season 2’s decade dance, there’s a possessed person in their midst, and that means danger, spells, and infiltrating the enemy’s camp. We analyzed every second of the promo video for Season 3, Episode 20, “Heart of Darkness,” so you’ll know what to expect when Mystic Falls High heads back to the ‘20s for yet another deadly trip through time.

0:01 Excuse us, we’re dancing
Oh, this song is “Be What You Want” by Robin Loxley and Oliver Jackson, and it’s very dance-y.

0:02 Caroline ruffles Elena’s feathers
Just a couple of gals, trying on their boas. Caroline wants to know whom Elena will take to the dance, because ‘20s decade dances are also Sadie Hawkins dances?

0:03 Reflections in time
Elena checks out her flapper behind in the mirror.

0:04 Stefan still fits into his ‘20s suit
Gasp! Elena and Stefan are totally going on a date. Just like old time(y)s.

0:06 The Roaring ‘20s
Historically accurate signage

0:09 Dip, baby, dip
Stefan and Elena enjoy a spin before the decade dance turns deadly, as decade dances are wont to do.

0:11 Rebesther calls Alaric “Hunter”
There’s something creepy about that nickname coming from a 1,000-year-old witch inhabiting her daughter’s body.

0:13 Reservoir Dogs
Damon, Stefan, and Tyler (?) walk out of the dance in their suits like badasses.

0:14 A line of mysterious white powder
What kind of high school dance is this?

0:16 Oh, a Mystic Falls kind of high school dance
Damon says they’re trapped by a boundary spell. Now they have to listen to “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue.”

0:18 Klaus chokes Jamie
Bonnie has the worst luck with guys. It’s like she and Jeremy are made for each other.

0:20 Alaric gets creepy
Are we sure Klaus isn’t possessing him again?

0:21 Bonnie brain freeze
Is that Damon she’s mind numbing?

0:23 Alaric continues the creepiness
“This is who I really am,” he says. Not nice to meet you, ‘Ric.

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04.24.2012 / 11:11 PM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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