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The Voice

Who Will Be Eliminated on The Voice Tonight, April 23?

If we learned anything from last week’s episode of The Voice, it's that no one is safe when it comes to eliminations.

We never thought that judge and fan favorites Jesse Campbell and RaeLynn would be voted off the show, especially when the decision was left up to their coaches.

Those shocking eliminations leave us even more apprehensive going into tonight’s live show, which features Team Adam and Team Cee Lo, and another instant elimination.

Despite claiming victory last year, Team Adam seems to offer some of the weakest links in the competition. His contestants lack the exciting qualities and vocal dynamics of others on the show, and we find ourselves struggling to remember who’s on his team.

The most memorable contestant on Team Adam is former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca, but it’s hard to tell if our memories focus on his past or his present. Christina may have had a point when she said that his popularity on the show was a result of "celebrity sway."

There’s also Mathai, who is now the youngest contestant on the show after losing RaeLynn and Ashley De La Rosa last week. Mathai definitely has her own sound, but may not have the vocal power the others possess.

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Katrina Parker was saved two weeks ago from her spot in the bottom three. If she can pick the right song, we hopefully won’t see her go tonight. We love the sound of her voice and her humble attitude.

Poor Pip. He tried really hard last week to be a rocker, and found that bowties and badasses don’t mix. His pitiful performance shouldn’t take away from the fact that he’s a stellar vocalist and could be one of the top contenders in this competition if given the right material.

We’d like to see Mathai go home tonight, but Adam doesn’t seem too attached to Pip, so we might be seeing fewer items from the J. Crew catalogue on stage.

It’s clear that Tony Lucca will be the Team Adam contestant in the final four, but is he strong enough to win? Compared with those from Team Cee Lo, probably not.

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After getting off to a shaky start, Team Cee Lo has proven itself to be the competition front-runner. With a vast array of remaining (and lost) talent, the biggest challenge this team will face is picking just one contestant to go to the final four. We’d like to see them perform as the final four against against each other — forget the other teams.

If we had to pick a favorite, it would be Juliet Simms. Her voice is haunting and powerful at the same time. She definitely has the potential to become a stand-out performer long after this competition, which we can’t say for all the remaining contestants.

At the same time, Jamar Rogers has completely won us over with his adorable grin and stage-melting performances. His sound is powerful and versatile and, we don’t know how to say this, but he just seems like a really great person.

These two contestants have practically secured their spots in next week’s shows — the really painful part of the show will be deciding who amongst the two of them moves on to the finals.

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That being said, it won’t be easy to see the endearing, wannabe ladies man James Massone leave the show. There’s definitely a quality to his soft sound not heard in the other contestants. He has immense potential as a performer, but is no match for Jamar or Juliet.

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Cheesa is easily the weakest link on Team Cee Lo and will be going home tonight. Her last chance performance against eliminated contestants Tony Vincent and Erin Martin was impressive, but she doesn’t possess the style and individuality of the other contestants in this competition.

Though we’re looking forward to Team Cee Lo’s performances more, Team Adam’s eliminations will probably be less predictable. Who would you like to see eliminated tonight? Comment below!

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