16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 6: Jordan Howard
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16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 6: Jordan Howard

Welcome to the big, preggo world of Jordan Howard — a place where morning sickness lurks around every corner and pickles perfume the air.

This sweet sixteenager was in for a shock when she found out about the bun in her oven, but the silver-lining? She's been embraced into MTV's family of teen moms, and her episode of 16 and Pregnant might just be the most dramatic yet!

(Actually, no one can beat Jenelle at that game. Please.)

Family Feud

Like most teenagers, Jordan never planned on getting pregnant in high school. Luckily, she has a super-supportive family right by her side, and we can't forget about her lovable baby daddy, Tyler!

This dude is a mega-nerd, and let's just say we fully support anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons in their spare time.

Unfortunately, Jordan's friends and family don't understand her attraction to Tyler, partially because he's white. Jordan's mom, Kelly, is especially reluctant to accept Tyler into the family, and won't even let him visit their house!

Even worse? She doesn't want Tyler to help Jordan raise the baby.

Hmmm, we're worried Kelly might be a little too controlling. And we're also worried about her taste in "art." Just say no to giant '80s posters, girl.

On the bright side, Tyler's parents are more than happy to let Jordan live with them while she waits out the duration of her pregnancy.

She even has a secret plan to move in permanently once the baby is born! Unfortunately, Kelly has all the baby supplies that Tyler bought under lock and key, so Ty and Jordan have to spend their last few cents on brand-new onesies.

But don't worry — Kelly isn't all bad. She even throws Jordan a surprise baby shower with all her friends and family! Er, minus Tyler. Can't we all just get along?

It's a Boy!

Tyler and Jordan are almost ready for their bundle of joy to arrive, but the baby's crib is still at Kelly's house.

They sneak over to steal it back sleuth-style, and when Kelly finds out she flips her lid and drops a few eff bombs in Jordan's voicemail. Doesn't this lady doesn't know she's about to be on television?

Luckily, Kelly realizes that she's being a crazy control freak, and she after she convinces Jordan to move back home, she agrees to let Tyler visit the baby whenever he wants!

Tyler and his family are dissapointed that Jordan won't be living with them, and his parents are worried Kelly will turn Jordan against them.

Yep, pretty much — but there's no time to dwell on it, because Jordan's water breaks and she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy named Chase!

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 6: Jordan Howard
Credit: MTV    

Awww, this little dude is adorable, but Jordan's definitely going to have her hands full. Especially because Tyler bails on the baby's first night home, and Jordan has to deal with Chase all by herself.

Uncool, Tyler. Even your fellow gamers don't approve of this behavior!

Baby Daddy Blues

Jordan's desperate to reconnect with Tyler and his family, and after weeks of Tyler being MIA, he finally shows up at Jordan's house and they get into a huge fight.

Her feisty brothers even try to beat him up when he eff-bombs Jordan for not letting him look at the baby!

Clearly, Jordan has a lot of her plate, so she drops out of school her senior year and concentrates on taking care of Baby Chase

. But what about Tyler? He seemed like such a great guy, and we can't help but think Jordan's domineering mom might have something to do with the end of their relationship.

Will these two be able to make it work for the sake of Baby Chase? That's what Teen Mom 3 is for, ya'll!

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