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Whose Eyes Are Prettier: Emily Deschanel’s or Tamara Taylor’s? Bones Star Answers Awesome Fan Questions on Twitter!

Eugene Byrd, known to Bones fans as squintern Clark, took to his @Vududaddy Twitter account on Monday night to live-tweet Season 7, Episode 10 “The Warrior in the Wuss.” In addition to dishing out real-time behind-the-scenes goodness about filming this week’s episode, Eugene also indulged fans by taking their Bones-related questions. What a guy!

Eugene tackled everything from who’s funniest on set to which character would win on Jeopardy, so we rounded up all our favorite Bones fan questions for you to enjoy!

Q: Who laughs the most on the Bones set?
@Vududaddy: It’s a tie between Tamara Taylor and TJ Thyne.

Q: What’s the funniest moment you have had while filming Bones?
@Vududaddy: Being drowned by Emily Deschanel – LOL [Episode 18, Season 5 “The Predator in the Pool]

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being on Bones?
@Vududaddy: Great people.

Q: Whose eyes are prettier Emily Deschanel’s or Tamara Taylor’s?
@Vududaddy: Hmm… Emily’s.

Q: What’s it like working with Emily Deschanel?
@Vududaddy: Always fun. She and I have great rapport on our scenes.

Q: Is Clark still with Nora? Any wedding bells or kids in your future on Bones?
@Vududaddy: Still with her. Great woman.

Q: Who’s your fave cast member on Bones?
@Vududaddy: Ahh..Can’t choose. They’re all great (Tamara. Shh. Don’t tell the others)

Q: Who has the best jokes on the Bones set?
@Vududaddy: Me. Then John Francis Daley.

Q: What’s the best part of the prop remains on Bones?
@Vududaddy: The tasty parts.

Q: Do you have any idea of what the 447 means on Bones? Give us your guess.
@Vududaddy: Hmm…the amount of episodes we want? LOL

Q: Does the food taste good on the Bones set?
@Vududaddy: It’s excellent!

Q: Do you have a favorite Bones episode you’ve been in?
@Vududaddy: The one with all the male squinterns. Great experience.

Q: Is it hard to get the Bones lingo to flow so easily or did you take anatomy in school?
@Vududaddy: LOL I study and call Donna [Cline, Technical Advisor]...often

Q: Clark, Brennan, and Hodgins are competing on jeopardy...who would win?
@Vududaddy: Brennan hands down. She's written that way.

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