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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Alexis Bellino Says Gretchen Rossi Wasn’t Actually the First Choice for the Fox 5 Gig

Does everything have to be a competition on The Real Housewives of Orange County? We think yes! In her new Bravo blog, Alexis Bellino says she felt slighted when gal pal Gretchen Rossi came over to view her Fox 5 segment — only to tell her she was offered the gig first.

Alexis was “so excited” to have Gretchen over to see the segment, but what should have been a fun viewing party quickly went sour, she explains. “I thought she would be the perfect person to ask because she would give me honest advice, and be very excited for me... I felt she was trying to steal my thunder,” writes Alexis.

Not long after Gretchen left, Alexis called Fox to confirm the star’s claims. The network told her Gretchen was offered to co-host with Alexis once, but was never offered her own separate gig.

So, why the exaggeration? Alexis thinks her pint-sized co-star only said what she did to “to make herself feel better because she couldn't be truly happy for my success” (a.k.a., she was jealous).

Alexis continued, writing that she’s been offered roles on TV that Gretchen inevitably picked up, but never felt the need to rub it in her co-star’s face that she was second choice. “What for? What good does it do? It's a slap in the face, and not very supportive. If you live by the golden rule, you try to imagine how something would make you feel before you say it,” she writes.

Sadly, Alexis says she had “felt a disconnect” from her former confidant months prior to the Fox incident, but hoped she was imagining it. But oh no, it’s a real rift — and Alexis says it only gets worse.

“In an upcoming episode, something occurs between Gretchen and I that absolutely crushes me,” she writes, adding that fans will see “the true colors” of all her co-star’s by season’s end.

Source: Bravo

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