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Bones’ Relationship Between Brennan And Booth: 5 Things We Want To See!

Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster filled with forbidden love and dead bodies, but now they're finally shacked up and procreating! However, their relationship is missing certain important details — including but not limited to a lack of on-screen sex.

Check out 5 things we want to see from tinsel town's favorite couple as Bones' 7th season winds to a close!

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1. More PG-13 Alone Time!
Not to get all TMI, but we need to address a glaring problem in Booth and Brennan's relationship. They have a baby, but as far as we know, they haven't had sex. At least not on camera, and things that don't happen on camera don't count. B&B almost sealed the deal when they "let the ice cream melt," but then Baby Christine killed the sexy buzz by screaming "My eyes! My eyes!" in gibberish. Will these two ever consummate their love on screen?

2. A Swoon-Worthy Proposal
So...Booth and Brennan are totally living in sin. More power to 'em, but doesn't their status as singletons violate Booth's religious beliefs? We'd hate for this crime stopper to be smited! Booth and Brennan need to make it official and put a ring on it — mostly because we're dying for a romantic proposal over a decaying corpse. Dreamy sigh!

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3. A Big White Wedding
What comes after a proposal? Usually some celebratory binge eating, followed by ugly-crying, followed by a gigantic white wedding! Brennan and Booth's nuptials are sure to be dramaliscious — after all, Booth will want to get married in a church, and Brennan will want to get hitched in a hut — but really we just need an excuse to see the squinterns wearing suits.

4. More PDA
Booth and Brennan work together, so we understand the need to maintain a professional relationship during the waking hours. But if Sweets and Daisy can get away with making geeky love all over the Jeffersonian, surely B&B can up the PDA. You know, just some mild hand-holding and maybe a few rounds of 7 Minutes In Heaven — mortuary style.

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5. A Romantic Honeymoon!
Have Booth and Brennan ever taken a vaycay that doesn't involve a crime scene? No. Now that Baby Christine is in the picture, these two will need more alone to keep the spark alive, and a honeymoon is the perfect prescription for their sexy fever. Then again, if Hart Hanson thinks he can book these kids a romantic vacation without inviting us along for the ride, he's sorely mistaken.

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