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Bones Season 7, Episode 10: We Break the Code! Your Guide to the Complex Terms in “The Warrior In The Wuss”

We love Bones with every fiber of our being (clavicle and maxilla included), but do you ever scratch your head in confusion as Brennan (Emily Deschanel) rattles off a bunch of big words at her fellow geeks? Join the club. Lucky for you, we rounded up terminology from Season 7, Episode 10, “The Warrior In The Wuss” so you can improve your squintern skills!

1. Pelvic Inlet:
Take one guess. Yep, you're right on — it defines the boundary between the "lesser pelvis" and the "greater pelvis." (Note: Booth only has a greater pelvis.)

2. Maxillary Central Incisor: Y
our two front teeth. In other words, all you want for Christmas! Brennan was able to tell the victim's age by looking at these bad-boys.

3. External Iliac Arteries:
Two major arteries in the victim's pelvis, which were nicked by the weapon. That's right, you're pumped full of blood down in your danger zone.

4. Carrion:
Dead animal bones. Great for all kinds of things, including but not limited to art projects with small children.

5. Periosteum:
A thin membrane that covers the outer surface of all bones. Think of it as a bone condom.

6. Ischial Spine:
A bone in the pelvis. In other news, we're really worried about the kind of dirty talk Brennan uses in the bedroom.

7. WeTube:
The unfortunate result of Fox's inability to secure the rights to say "YouTube."

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04.26.2012 / 09:54 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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