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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Episode 18: “We’re at DEFCON 1, Ems”

This week's episode of Revenge was loaded with doozies, and we've rounded up the top 10 for you to enjoy!

Unfortunately, it was also loaded with images of Victoria wandering around in a painter's smock while some erstwhile hippie pawed at her. Hopefully these quotes will help you get over the mental trauma.

10. Nolan updates Emily: "Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled plotting. Jack's on route to Montauk as we speak."

Dude just couldn't resist the call of the sea.

9. Victoria whispers at Dominik: "The shadows around me are darker than you know."

Just pop some sliced cucumber on them and you're good to go!

8. Declan complains about Nolan: "Nolan filled in. Upside is he knows knows more about pre-calculus than you. The downside is that he’s Nolan."

We'd pay serious money to have Nolan be our math tutor.

7. Daniel confides in mother dearest: "Jack Porter’s back. He’s in her house right now making a fire. And God knows what else."

Jealousy isn't a good look. Then again, it's better than Daniel's turtleneck.

6. Charlotte flirts with Declan: "Hey. It’s been a while."
Declan: "Yeah 58 days. Unless you count that day you told me to get lost in the cafeteria, then it’s 31."

Oh, Declan. Private school is no place for this little seaman.

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5. Victoria whispers at Dominik, round two: "I was drawn to your volatility and your fire. But I had to leave because I felt that if you burned me, I would turn to ash."

Annnd, it's time to take away her copy of The Bell Jar.

4. Victoria greets Daniel: "What are you doing out there? You’re going to catch your death."
Daniel: "That seems inevitable."

So much malaise.

3. Nolan checks up on Declan: "Knock knock, kid."

We'll be referring to Decks as "kid" from now on.

2. Nolan calls Emily: "We’re at DEFCON 1, Ems."

We have a suspicious feeling that Nolan plays a lot of video games in his spare time.

1. Dominik kicks Conrad out of his apartment: "Now you might want to leave … before I break one of the 14 bones in your face."

Please, Connie's made of stone.

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