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Touchy Subject! Rihanna Gets Embarrassed About Ashton Kutcher

Between her sexy videos and her often barely-there attire, Rihanna doesn't seem like the one to get embarrassed easily — and by her mother, no less! But according to Hollywood Life, that's just what happened after RiRi left the Time 100 gala on April 24, when talk between her and her mom turned to the former That '70s Show heartthrob. Does this mean that Ashton stood under her umbrella, ella, ella?

It's unclear whether Rihanna and Ashton ever in fact shared a "California king bed" (or any other kind of bed, for that matter), as they are rumored to have had a one-night stand in late March. But whatever happened, the foxy star of the upcoming film Battleship isn't in the mood to joke about it. Following the Time event, Rihanna tweeted: "Well….2nt consisted of us singing Bob Marley, drinkin Vintage Scotch, and my mom thinkin a joke abt Kutcher was appropriate!" Take that, Mom!

So she and "Kutcher" are apparently on a on a last-name-only basis? Uh, then what is he supposed to call her?

Source: Hollywood Life

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04.26.2012 / 07:51 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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