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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers For Season 3, Episode 20, “Do Not Go Gentle”: Who’s Team Stelena?

Eyeballs were popping in Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness” after a steamy motel makeout between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev). But all’s fair in love and triangles, and in Season 3, Episode 20, “Do Not Go Gentle,” it’s Stefan (Paul Wesley) who gets to spend some time with the object of his affection — thanks to Caroline’s (Candice Accola) advice.

Though Rose (Lauren Cohan) was rooting for Damon and Elena, Caroline is taking the opposite stance. As executive producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly, “Elena, still being very confused about her feelings for Damon — which obviously exist, it’s just how does she want to define them — gets schooled by Caroline, who is proudly wearing her Team Stefan T-shirt at the beginning of this episode, metaphorically speaking. She’s basically saying, ‘You’re supposed to be exploring, so explore both sides. You and Stefan, in my opinion, are meant to be. So make sure that you explore him, too.’ That encourages Elena to reach out to Stefan and say, ‘Look, I don’t know what’s going on with us, or if anything can ever go on with us, but why don’t we give this one night a shot to just spend some time together.”

In promo photos for the episode, Elena and Stefan do get some time together, and she even ends up in his arms — albeit in tears. Their moment doesn’t last long, however. “There’s two moments where Damon interrupts something romantic accidentally,” admits Plec.

Hey, this is Mystic Falls, and sometimes there are bigger problems than two brothers being in love with the same girl. We’re guessing Damon’s romantus interruptus has everything to do with a spell that requires Bonnie (Kat Graham), Stefan, and virtually every other member of the crew.

Ah well. There’s always the second decade dance of the year.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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