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Who is Emily Deschanel Married To? Top 5 Things to Know About David Hornsby

If you love Emily Deschanel (Brennan) as much as we do, you’re probably wondering: Just who is this lucky David Hornsby guy she’s married to? Well, we’ve rounded up top 5 things you need to know about the man who stole EmDes’ heart — enjoy!

He’s a total thespian.
David graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama in 1998. His performing arts education served him well because he’s taken on a variety of roles in dramatic TV series like ER and The West Wing. Fun Fact: Playing the friends-with-benefits character Patrick, David totally made out with Michael C. Hall (also known as Dexter) in Season 3 of Six Feet Under!

He’s got a great sense of humor.
Emily Deschanel has said that one of the things she loves about David is his sense of humor, and it’s not hard to see what she means. Between his work as a writer and actor on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to his ability to improv hilariously as part of JoeTV’s mock-reality Joe Schmo Show, David is indisputably a really funny guy. We especially love his super-clever “Bones puns” tweets, like this one: “I watch #Bones every single day. I watch it with my twice-named friend John Francis daily.” Get it? We even think brainy Brennan would approve.

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He does a good Yoda – sorta.
We know this one sounds made up, but we swear it’s true, Yoda & Me is a podcast created and produced David and voice actor Loren Tarquinio, in which each rotates duties playing Yoda and Yoda’s roommate Bill. The premise? Yoda’s is a working actor who chronicles life with his sidekick Bill. We’ve certainly heard better Yoda impressions, but never any as funny — or bizarre.

He’s a hard worker.
Before David found his footing in Hollywood, he worked a variety of odd jobs, including a valet parker, a telemarketer, a waiter, a caterer, even a babysitter! In a recent interview David said of his busy schedule and work ethic: “I'm like a decathlete without the body.” We think that’s because he’s probably leaving the muscle-building to David Boreanaz (Booth).

He’s a family man.
In September, Emily and David welcomed sweet baby Henry, the first child for both. When it comes to balancing his busy career and fatherhood, David says, “I wish I didn’t have to sleep,” but has of course made fatherhood his top priority. Not only that, but he regularly tweets support for his lovely sister-in-law Zooey Deschanel. OK, it's official — he’s a keeper!

Source: Youtube, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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