5 WTF Moments From Revenge Episode 18, “Justice”
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5 WTF Moments From Revenge Episode 18, “Justice”

We love Revenge, but sometimes things just don’t add up. This Wednesday’s episode, “Justice,” had a few missing ingredients.

Here were our top WTF moments from the episode:

1. Emily Is Surprised to Discover the Graysons Arranged Her Father’s Murder

Sorry Em, but when you teased us saying, “How did I not know this?” in the promo, we expected a little more. If the Graysons were willing to set up an elaborate scheme to destroy your father’s life and force him to take the fall, why would you be surprised to find out that they were involved in his murder? More importantly, why haven't you guessed this before?

2. Declan Is Easily Seduced in Obvious Scheme by Charlotte

Victoria encourages Charlotte to use her womanly ways to seduce the youngest Mr. Porter into telling the “hooded figure” story on the stand. What’s shocking is not the fact that Charlotte straps herself into one of Victoria’s form-fitting bandage dresses and gives the most obvious performance ever. What’s troublesome is that Declan seems stupid enough to believe it. Luckily, Nolan intervened at the last second.

3. Nolan Is IM’ing Using His Real Name

To get Jack out of town, Nolan sends him on a wild goose chase with fake credit card statements supposedly from Amanda. He monitors the situation by IM’ing the motel desk clerk, giving her detailed instructions on what to tell Jack. But Nolan’s screen name is “Nolan.” So if Jack were to glance over and see the computer screen, it would be extremely obvious — how many Nolans do you know?

4. Lee Doesn’t Report Emily’s Attack to Victoria

In last week’s episode, “Doubt,” Emily (disguised in only a wig) seduces and then attacks Victoria’s inside man, Lee. Before she hits him she says, “This is for Jack,” followed by, “And that was for Daniel.” So a random girl attacked him, she knows the Graysons, and he’s not going to say anything? It was a very stupid thing for Emily to do, and it seems she’ll get away with it. WTF?

5. Ashley Is Suddenly a World-Class PR Agent

Four episodes ago, Ashley was planning Daniel and Emily’s engagement party. Now she’s talking to the crowd of press outside Daniel’s court case. Considering how rich the Graysons are, you'd think they could hire a high-powered PR manager. Plus, Ashley looks like she’s studied Coach more than communications.

Did you notice any WTF moments in “Justice”? Comment below!

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