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Breaking Down the Mad Men Season 5, Episode 7 Preview: What Happens In the Episode?

The Mad Men cast and crew aren't exactly forthcoming with the spoilers, so we have to fight for every scrap of info we can get about the upcoming episodes.

Fortunately, we do have the previews to help us out (you can watch the preview for Season 5, Episode 7: "At the Codfish Ball" here). We've taken a close look at what's going on in the preview, and here's what we can glean about what's going down this week:

Don and Megan happy again?: We see a clip of Megan laughing and cuddling with Don as Don exasperatedly says "I don't think anything's going to make him like me." Whoever "he" is, Don doesn't seem too torn up about it. This moment seems very domestic and intimate. Is their fight really over? Maybe not, because there's another clip where they look less happy, and Megan says "some things never change."

Something happens with Sally: We see Bobby Draper run over to Sally saying "what happened?" Sally seems to be rocking on the floor. We're guessing she either knocked over something valuable or hurt herself (or both). Later, we see Sally (looking unharmed) on the phone, complaining "we're like her slaves." More Sally vs. Betty?

Roger had a life altering experience: Presumably the acid trip. He seems to be telling a woman about it, and the woman is nodding. It's hard to tell who the woman is from the little bit of the back of her head that we can see, but we don't recognize her. Could it be a shrink?

Peggy upset: "Gosh," Peggy whispers in a short clip, looking very upset. What happened?

Someone comes to Joan: "Do you want to close the door?" Joan says to an unseen person at the end of the preview. We wonder who will be bringing his or her problems to Joan's office this week.

Watch the next episode of Mad Men on Sunday, April 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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04.27.2012 / 01:56 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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