Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Top 10 Quotes: “When I Think of a Moose, I Think of NeNe Leakes.”
Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo    
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Top 10 Quotes: “When I Think of a Moose, I Think of NeNe Leakes.”

After months of waiting, Kim Zolciak’s spin-off has finally arrived. Thankfully, our favorite Georgia peach was the same sassy gal we’ve come to love on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and, as usual, she kept us laughing from beginning to end!

Here’s our countdown of the top ten quotes from Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2: “2 Months to the Altar" and “How to Dress a Bride in 6 Weeks.”

10. Kroy, on getting married in Montana: “We could do it in the middle of a wheat field.”
Kim: “Oh that’s romantic, the middle of a f*cking wheat field?
Kroy: “Yeah, they could cut the aisle out of wheat.”
Kim: “Shut the f*uck up.”

We love you Kroy … but we’re with Kim on this one.

9. Kim’s daughter Ariana, blowing out her birthday candles: “I love the family I got, and I love Justin Bieber.”

As long as her priorities are in order!

8. Kim: “Nothing makes me madder in life than having shit wine at a wedding. I had to bring a bottle of wine to my friend Cynthia’s wedding last year.”

Yeah, we know!

7. Jen, Kim’s Maid of Honor: “Are you telling me you’re going to wear a used dress? … You won’t even buy something on sale.”

It’s hard out there for a diva.

6. Jen, on the used wedding dress: “What if it layed on the floor of a funky hotel room and got bed bugs in it?”
Kim: “If somebody’s wearing a $58,000 gown they’re not at Motel 6 getting f*cked.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

5. Kim: “When I think of a moose, I think of NeNe Leakes.”

Yeah … we have a feeling you’re not alone.

4. Jim, Kroy’s trainer, during a workout with Kim: “Just think how good your arms are going to look in your dress.”
Kim: “At this point, I’ll put sleeves on the mother f*cker.”

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

3. Kim, trying on dresses: “I wanna leave some side-boob.”

Don’t we all!

2. Kim: “I’d rather not breathe, and my dress be really tight.”

The things we do for fashion.

1. Kim, on a workout ball: “My wig is about to fall off, how am I supposed to do this?”
Jen: “Do balls always affect your wig staying on?”

Hey, it’s a fair question.