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The Voice

Eliminated Voice Contestant Tony Vincent: My “Theater Guy” Image Hurt Me in the Competition – Exclusive!

When an artist is introduced on The Voice, America sees them through the eyes of the network — with a carefully-crafted backstory.

In the case of Team Cee Lo’s Tony Vincent, America saw a rocker who had chosen Broadway and theater over a recording career — an image that Tony feels hurt his chances of winning the competition.

"[I was] tagged as being a guy who’s an actor coming out of a Broadway background, they painted me in kind of a corner where they didn’t articulate that I was an artist and a singer/songwriter way before I moved to New York to do theater,” Tony said in an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment.

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In fact, the performer believes that his Broadway backstory was a bigger hindrance than his edgy, punk-rock look.

“You can even look at Adam Lambert on American Idol who had those same things [black nail polish and eyeliner],” Tony said. “America wasn’t scared of that at all. The guy is an amazingly talented vocalist, and that’s why I think my biggest obstacle was being painted as the ‘theater guy.’”

An aspiring rock artist, Tony has been writing his own music since the age of 12, and has even been signed by multiple labels. Although he appreciates his time on the Broadway stage, he admits he's always been drawn to the creative aspects of songwriting.

“I am much more connected to being a part of the recording process, of the performing of my own material on stage,” he said.

While Tony felt he grew as an artist with each performance, he was slightly disappointed he didn't get to spend more time jamming out on stage with The Voice house band.

“I wanted the band, who is just an A-tier group of musicians, I wanted them to be right behind me,” he admitted. “I didn’t want them to be 40 meters behind the set. That made it less authentic to me."

"I’m not sure that America isn’t ready for rock music on The Voice, but I’m not sure that there are real rock artists in the talent pool, to be honest.”

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But when it came to his coach, Cee Lo Green, the rocker had no complaints.

“We spoke the same language from the beginning,” Tony said. “I think that makes for not very interesting television. When you’re supposed to have a coach and a leader, and every time you’re shooting me and Cee Lo together, we’re talking like we’re making a record together. We were much more of collaborators and comrades in this process.”

Though his elimination from the show was tough, Tony was proud to leave on a positive note, singing the Eurythmics' “Sweet Dreams," in what he felt was his strongest performance on the show, despite the coaches' harsh commentary.

According to Tony, Cee Lo called him the day after the elimination and spoke with him for about 45 minutes, explaining the decision.

“It shows the classiness that the man is that he reached out to me and wanted to articulate why he pulled the plug on my time on the team,” Tony said.

He also believes that his friendship with Cee Lo could one day morph into a professional musical collaboration.

But for now, Tony's spending his time focusing on writing his new album, which he describes as “the best stuff [he's] produced in [his] whole life.” Thanks to The Voice, he gained an extra boost of confidence to take the recording track over theater — for the time being, at least.

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But Tony’s most challenging role to date is that of being a new father. He met his wife, Aspen Vincent, on the stage of Queen’s We Will Rock You musical in Las Vegas. Aspen gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Sadie, the week of his first live-show performance.

Though both of Sadie’s parents come from a strong musical background, Tony doesn’t necessarily want her to go into the entertainment world.

“We’re not going to not steer her towards entertainment, but I don’t think we’re going to necessarily steer her towards it,” he said.

“You’re putting your heart and your soul out on the chopping block every time you get on the stage or go up for an audition, and it kind of plays with your psyche, and I want to make sure that my daughter has the most secure presence and not feel like she has to re-prove herself over and over again.”

What would he like to see young Sadie do?

“I think we’re hoping for some sort of sports scholarship to an Ivy League, or something like that,” Tony said laughing.

Should Tony have moved on in the competition? What do you think about how he was portrayed on the show? Comment below!

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