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Pretty Little Liars

Ian Harding Gets Pranked by Lucy Hale on Punk’d: “I’m So Glad I Didn’t Cry!” (VIDEO)

Who knew that lil’ Lucy Hale (Aria) from Pretty Little Liars was such a troublemaker?

Lucy hosted her first episode of Punk’d on Thursday (April 25) and she pulled some daring and hilarious stunts on her co-star Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz), friend Vanessa Hudgens, and Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson.

We might be a bit biased, but our favorite prank of the night was the one that Lucy pulled on our boy Ian. Lucy knew that Ian is obsessed with mysterious British street artist Banksy so she planned an elaborate prank that involved getting the “gullible” (her words!) Ian to think he was taking part in a Banksy project. Blinded by his love of street art, Ian went along for the ride and was then swarmed by cops. Oops! After getting scared by the non-cops (they were actually improv actors) Ian eventually gave up his pretty little co-star as being with him on the scene (“a**hole!,” Lucy said).

Best moment of the night? After Lucy revealed herself as the master prankster, Ian breaks into a smile and says, “I’m so happy that I didn’t cry!”

Watch a cute behind the scenes moment between Lucy and Ian below.

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If you want more pranking from Lucy and want to see the full Ian gag, watch the full episode below.

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You did good, Lucy! And Ian, don’t worry, you can get over your humiliation by crying on our shoulder. We’ll be more than happy to comfort you. And we have no problem with that chest hair...

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