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Revenge Spoiler: Is Sammy the Dog Going to Die?

You better stock up on aloe vera tissues, Revenge fans. If Episode 21: "Grief" lives up to its ominous title, you might be cashing in your bereavement days.

According to the official show synopsis, former childhood sweethearts Emily Thorne and Jack Porter develop an even stronger bond when they experience a "painful loss."

And cue Sarah McLachlan.

See what we're getting at?

Just think about it: Sammy is like, at least 119 in dog years, and we haven't really seen much of him in recent episodes. Sure, some dogs can live beyond the age of 17, but the median age for yellow labs is about 10 to 12 years.

Sammy has been the common link between Emily and Jack since the moment she arrived in The Hamptons to seek revenge on the Graysons. The spritely senior ran to Emily like not a day had passed.

Although losing Sammy would be a painful experience for both characters, Emily won't be able to articulate why she's so affected by his passing since Jack is still under the impression that his childhood sweetheart is a former stripper.

What can Emily do but hold Jack tightly as they sit in silence in front of a crackling fire?

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04.27.2012 / 09:14 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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