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The Secret Circle

The Best Secret Circle Quotes From Season 1, Episode 20, “Traitor”: “Your Daddy Got Around”

This week's Secret Circle quotes were all about pregnancy pacts and push up bras. Check out the top 10 musings from the episode — we find they work wonders on people suffering from PTSD as a result of seeing Nick's wormy face.

10. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) talks Jake (Chris Zylka) down: "There are sad, fragile old people here. Let’s not give them a heart attack with angry threats."
Too little too late, Faye.

9. Adam (Thomas Dekker) comforts Cassie (Britt Robertson): "I know who you are… inside."
Never forget pigeon love.

8. Faye flirts with Jake: "I’ve noticed mom keeps a bottle of pills in her purse. I think they're the reason behind her random bursts of happiness."
Dawn's too high on the fumes from her lace dresses to need pills.

7. Cassie makes excuses for Diana (Shelley Hennig): "I'm sure she has her reasons."
Faye: "Like what? Buying more push up bras? Brushing up on her Aussie accent?"
Purchasing hundreds of decorative lanterns?

6. Blackwell greets Cassie: "You okay?"
Cassie: "Not really. My grandmother’s dead. And it turns out that my father has slept with half of Chance Harbor."
Pregnancy pacts are no joking matter.

5. Faye mocks Cassie: "Your daddy got around."
John Blackwell: Womb Fertilizer.

4. Faye hangs at the carnival: "If we live, remind me to download this song. It'd be perfect for my 'Running For Your Life' treadmill mix."
Please, the only exercise Faye needs is during her afternoon delights with Jake.

3. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) drunkenly hangs with Adam: "You’re an uncloaking genius!"
That's one way to put it.

2. Faye eyerolls at Cassie and Diana: "We’ve got the dark magic super twins on our side."
Faye might not be a Balcoin, but her snark has the power to devastate.

1. Faye wanders around the carnival: "If I run into any kind of clown, I am so out of here."
Well, clowns other than Adam.

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