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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Update: Are Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Friends Now?

On April 25, Jacqueline Laurita reached out to former friend Teresa Giudice on Twitter, in the hopes of mending their damaged relationship.

We got all excited when it seemed like both gals were game for a reconciliation, but some of Jacqueline’s recent tweets have reminded us that fixing a friendship can be a slow process.

After Jac and Teresa spoke on the phone, Jac tweeted, “4give me 4 being upset,I wanted 2 believe the apology was sincere.When I called her,it got intense w/ rehashing past.Thought she wanted 2 move 4ward.”

“Baby steps would be great w/ @Teresa_giudice but only if its sincere & it definitely didn't sound like it.The show airing doesn't help I guess,” Jacqueline continued.

After apparently getting some flack from fans over airing her personal conversation with Teresa on Twitter, Jacqueline tweeted, “Since u follow us,our stories on the show,in magazines & on twitter, thought you'd appreciate an update. Our lives r public,no? U all ask 2 know.”

Surprisingly, Teresa has remained pretty tight-lipped about the possible revival of her friendship with Jacqueline, only tweeting, “It took alot for me to call @JacLaurita esp after I watched Ep2 this morning.You'll see. I'm trying & I'm going to keep our conv private. xx.”

Do you think there’s really hope for these two or is this all for show? Sound off in the comments below!