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What to Expect in Revenge Season 1, Episode 19: A Detailed Analysis of the Promo

The promo for Episode 19 of Revenge is 30 jam-packed seconds full of fog, graffiti, and beautiful images of Daniel's face.

If you watched it and still feel like you have no idea what to expect next week, fear not. We’ve parsed through each millisecond of promo content and created a detailed analysis of what’s to come!

0:01 – Conrad Warns Us About 2012: The End of the World

While sitting next to a giant statue of a stallion. Nice job, props department.

0:02 – Daniel Is a Free Bird!

And we spy Emily by his side. Guess she decided to forgive and forget that whole domestic abuse incident.

0:03 – "Murderer" Is Spray-Painted on Daniel's Sweet Wheels

We blame Declan. Just because.

0:04 – Photographers (Read: Fan Girls) Snap Pictures of Daniel and Emily

Don't worry — Danny Boy is shielded by his popped collar raincoat.

0:06 – Conrad's Face Emerges From the Fog

And then goes back from whence it came.

0:07 – Conrad Gives Daniel a Welcome Home Hug!

Someone should spray-paint "murderer" on this guy's forehead.

0:08 – Daniel Demands the Truth While Wearing a Chunky Sweater

Sigh, when will Daniel learn that the only person who listens to him is his diary.

0:09 – Daniel Stares at Himself in a Hilarious Burlesque-y Mirror

The only comfort he has is his own reflection.

0:10 – Emily Checks Out a Family Portrait

Baby Nolan, is that you?

0:11 – Crazy Lady With a Rifle Tries to Kill Emily

Set your stunna shades to "disarm," Em.

0:12 – Emily Pushes Nolan Up Against a Wall

Careful of the man-bangs, girl!

0:13 – Victoria Asks For "Full Immunity"

Uh Oh, is she finally ratting Grayson Global out to the SEC?

0:14 – People Wander Around Grayson Global's Headquarters With Boxes

Probably just packing up what remains of Conrad's dignity

0:15 – Giant Rubber Stamp Says "Deceased"

Just in case you're confused, someone died.

0:17 – Nolan Looks Pained, Probably Because He's Being Filmed In Black-And-White

Sigh, love it when the promo interns get creative with the cinematography.

0:18 – Charlotte Pushes Declan Up Against Some Lockers

Getting picked on for his floppy hair was an inevitability.

0:20 – Emily Threatens to Kill Someone

What else is new?

04.27.2012 / 07:51 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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