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Who Is the Graysons’ Inside Prison Man on Revenge?

It seems that the Graysons can get themselves out of any situation on Revenge, even when all the odds are against them.

After Emily sets up Lee — the con Victoria paid to schedule the attack on Daniel — to take the fall for Tyler’s murder, he demands that Victoria clear his name, threatening to bring her down too.

In a shocking twist, Conrad decides to “take care” of the problem himself. Emily taps the Graysons' phone, and is stunned to find out that Lee did not commit suicide, but was killed.

Conrad says, “Sorry to have put us in this position again. Especially after all these years. We have another David Clarke-style situation.”

“That’s very troubling news,” says an unknown voice.

“The name is Lee Burnett,” says Conrad. “He’s in a holding cell at Rikers. I don’t see how if he starts talking we can keep a lid on our association.”

Emily’s main concern was discovering that Conrad had set up not only Lee’s murder, but also her father’s. As for us, we’d just like to know who this mystery man is!

According to ABC’s official recap, the voice belonged to “a person whose voice we’ve never heard before.”

If the Graysons have an inside man to kill their inside man, how can they ever be stopped? Is it really someone we don’t know, or will this mystery man turn out be be a familiar face? Comment below!

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04.27.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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