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The Vampire Diaries

Why Is Elijah in Awe of Elena? Vampire Diaries’ Daniel Gillies Explains

In case you’ve been too blinded by love triangles to notice, The Vampire Diaries has been minus one Original lately. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) left us heartbroken after he escaped Mystic Falls and his guilty conscience — he threw Elena (Nina Dobrev) in a tunnel with his crazy sister, and that gave him pause. But what is it about this doppelganger that gets Elijah’s center part in a twist?

When Daniel Gillies spoke with Assignment X, he ruminated on Elijah and Elena’s connection, and why, in some ways, it’s deeper than his one to Klaus (Joseph Morgan). “Elijah is sort of the consigliere to Klaus, and as indebted he is to his brother, he knows that his brother could betray him at any given moment. It’s never a safe place to be,” says Gillies. “What he marvels in Elena is that she is this creature and even though she has only has one lifetime and he has lived through hundreds of them, she seems to be living it more nobly than the rest of the creatures that he knows who have had ample time to perfect what it is to be a decent creature.”

Be still our heart, Gillies used the word “consigliere.” We need Elijah back in Mystic Falls to class up the joint and expand everyone’s vocabulary.

Source: Assignment X

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