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Gossip Girl

Are Dan and Blair the Next Rufus and Lily? — You Tell Us!

After this week’s Season 5, Episode 21, “Despicable B,” it seems more and more likely that things between Lily and Rufus is on a fast track to Splitsville — and Lily is clearly the conductor. Not too long ago in GG history, Lily was the perfect Upper East Side compliment to Rufus’s laid-back Brooklyn-dwelling ways. But, post-Ivy drama and the most recent Lola paternity discovery (read: Wetpaint Entertainment’s recap for all the deets), Lily has turned into a cold-hearted, put-them-in-their-place-even-if-the-“them”-is-your-husband brand of b*tch (for lack of a better word). Although Dan and Blair overcame their conflict du jour pretty civilly and quickly after B’s mini-identity crisis this week... we can’t help but think that they’re headed down the same rocky van der Woodsen-Humphrey path.

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network    

In the past couple of Season 5 episodes, Rufus has given some encouraging words about a relationship being a “partnership” and it’s about compromise and being “equals.” These same words had to be re-fed to Rufus this week to help him overcome his conflict with Lily... But seemingly to no avail (although it wasn’t for a lack of trying on Rufus’ part). While Lily seems hurt by Rufus’ lack of loyalty in the Ivy debacle, Rufus’ seeming lack of loyalty seems to stem from his inability to understand why this battle with Ivy (and now Carol) has to be so cutthroat. So will these fundamental differences, the worlds from which they came, be the ultimate (even later down the line) undoing of Dair — despite their current, seemingly normal status as a couple?

What do you think? Will Dan and Blair’s differences eventually pull them apart when bigger life conflicts arise? Or will they continue to grow together and uplift each other as they pursue their respective dreams?

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