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Is Klaine Doomed? Five Reasons Glee’s Kurt and Blaine Won’t Last Past High School

For Glee fans, it’s hard not to love Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) beyond words — come on, this is Kurt and Blaine we’re talking about! They redefine the word “adorable.”

However, not every high school relationship is built to last, and this week’s Glee episode made it clear that even a couple this cute still has their issues. Look, no one is asking for a Klaine breakup. (If fact, we have plenty of reasons to think they will be together forever.) But sooner or later, what if the difficulties of their impending long-distance relationship do take a toll? Here are five signs that Kurt and Blaine might not make it beyond high school.

1. They don’t really resolve their problems.

It was nice to see Kurt and Blaine begin to talk things out in Emma’s (Jayma Mays) office in Season 3, Episode 17: “Dance With Somebody,” but they seemed to resolve things way too fast, before any real progress was made. Case in point: How can Kurt honestly think that Blaine will fly to NYC every weekend? This just isn’t gonna happen — that is, unless Blaine has a SkyMall addiction that we don’t know about.

2. Blaine lacks Kurt’s ambitious side and might not be happy in New York.

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Kurt and Rachel (Lea Michele) were super-stressed when they realized that their NYADA competition has been preparing for the audition for years. A prime example is Harmony, (Lindsay Pearce), and she’s only a sophomore. So you’d think that Blaine would start preparing for his future now, but instead he seems content to be a star in Lima. Sure, Kurt is only away for a year, but does Blaine even see himself in NYC in a year? We can’t help but wonder if these personality differences spell trouble. (And speaking of “spelling trouble,” that’s probably something that Brittany (Heather Morris) doesn’t know how to do.)

3. Kurt and Blaine are both losing what made them each special.

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We still love Blaine, but he was so electric and optimistic when we first met him as a Warbler in Season 2, running through the hallways of Dalton. (Uh, when’s the last time we’ve seen Blaine run giddily through a hallway?) Blaine seems to have lost his old spark, and even Kurt seems a little less sassy these days. It’s natural to mature and change a bit in a relationship, but not at the expense of who you are. Then again, we’re pretty sure Kurt’s fashion sense will stay intact no matter what.

4. One word: Sebastian. (Fine, here are three more words: “ a slimeball.”)

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The fact that Blaine has spent any time with Sebastian (Grant Gustin) — a.k.a. the guy who called him “sex on a stick” — underscores that there might be trust issues next year. While Kurt’s away in NYC, both Blaine and Sebastian are still in Lima. Better find another coffeehouse to frequent, Blaine. You wouldn’t want Kurt getting the wrong idea!

Plus, the fact that Kurt even brought up Blaine’s texts with Sebastian this week shows that he’s probably still feeling resentful. Plus, we wonder if Blaine is really happy at McKinley, since it’s hard to imagine Blaine wanting to stay there next year without Kurt. (Then again, would we complain about seeing Blaine in a cute little blazer again? Not one iota.)

5. Some things should be planned, but make-out sessions? Not so much.

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When you’re only a year into your relationship and you have to schedule intimate moments — as they do in this week’s episode — something is wrong. We’re not saying that every couple needs to turn into Pam and Tommy Lee, but these are still two teenage boys we’re talking about here. And speaking of that episode, why weren’t Kurt’s concerns — like Blaine being the “alpha gay,” or his texts with Sebastian — ever addressed? Instead, the discussion in Emma’s office was all about Blaine’s concerns. (And Sebastian’s texts were “family-friendly”? Puh-leaze!)

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