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Dancing With The Stars

Rumor: William Levy Cheating on Girlfriend With Restaurant Hostess?

Ay Papi — this is not good. Let's hope it's not the full story either.

Dancing With the Stars Season 14 celeb William Levy has two children with Mexican-American actress Elizabeth Gutierrez, his on-and-off girlfriend of many years. They broke up last May, but were recently seen holding hands and appearing to be back in the "on" phase of their relationship.

However, here's what In Touch claims Loverboy Levy has been up to:

"[A]fter reportedly cheating on his long-suffering girlfriend at least 40 times during their eight-year relationship, it looks like William has not-so-shockingly returned to his philandering ways. ... In Touch can exclusively reveal that the Cuban-born playboy, 31, is having a sultry affair with LA-based restaurant hostess and aspiring actress Grace Roubidoux. Though the 25-year-old denies any wrongdoing, 'Grace and William hooked up last week,' a friend of the Kate Mantilini greeter, who often goes by the stage name Carolyn Hayver, tells In Touch. 'He told her to keep quiet about it, because he didn’t want Elizabeth to find out.'”

Eek. We hope that's just some kind of misunderstanding — and "40 times"?! — but, sadly, it's not the first time William has been embroiled in sexual shenanigans.

According to People Magazine, in August 2010 a woman accused William of sexual battery, saying she was 17 when they had sex. She allegedly blackmailed William to keep quiet. He counter-sued for infliction of emotional distress and defamation. William acknowledged that he spent time alone with the woman in his hotel room on the night of July 18-19, but claims she told him she was 19 years old and disputed the other allegations as maliciously misstating the facts. The case was settled privately in July 2011.

Maybe William is the one who should’ve shot a "Hot Problems" video!

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