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Gossip Girl Promo for Season 5, Episode 22: “Raiders of the Lost Art” — Our Frame-by-Frame Analysis!

Just when you think you know who your mama is... another person shows their Bass. In Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 21, “Despicable B,” Chuck (Ed Westwick) gets dealt another difficult hand with the question of not just his maternity but his paternity plaguing him in these final episodes of the season. The silver lining? He gets to reunite with his true love and ultimate schemer, Blair (Leighton Meester), to expose the truth about Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) and the aforementioned daddy drama in Episode 22, “Raiders of the Lost Art.”

Can’t wait? Check out our frame-by-frame analysis of the promo for next week’s ep below!


Scene #1: Diana and Jack Bass talk on the phone
Aaand they get right to the good stuff. Uncle Jack (Desmond Harrington) semi-threatens Diana about not telling the truth — whatever that is. But by her “Chuck thinks I’m his bloody mother” response, we think it’s safe to say that his mother she is not. So Chuck might be on the right track with his Jack-is-my-real-father theory. Still: mind.boggled.

Scene #2: Chuck needs the truth. Chuck needs...
“A professional,” Nate (Chace Crawford) says. And by professional they mean...

Scene #3: The biggest schemer on the UES!
Yup! Blair Waldorf. Blair showed signs of getting back to her original, “vintage” self in Episode 21, “Despicable B.” And although she realized the error of her ways by ep’s end, more or less apologizing to Dan (Penn Badgley) for trying to outshine him at his own event, we’re happy to have the old B lingering and at Chuck’s service — at least it’s for more selfless reasons this time!

Scene #3: To Catch a Schemer
Blair’s tactic to catch a scheming Diana is to transform into her prey — right down to the signature body-con dresses. Priceless: Chuck’s face when Blair walks down the stairs in the uber sexy outfit — which gives us more reason to believe that this close interaction with the love of his life (that he can’t currently have) might prove more challenging than he thought. Or it’ll be the reason that Dair fizzles (if they fizzle).

Scene #4: Nate and Lola?
Sure the scene of them laughing doesn’t say much but we wonder: Are they back together? Or is Lola (Ella Rae Peck) seeking a shoulder to lean on now that her mother is in jail and her newly revealed half-sister Serena (Blake Lively) has shunned her. We can’t help but hope that she gets in good with the rest of the crew and finally exposes Serena as Gossip Girl, especially after the way S has been handling herself — sabotaging family, using her friend’s secrets for blasts — it’s clear that she’s spiraling out of control!

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04.29.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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