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The Bachelor

Ryan Park Talks Kacie Boguskie Dating Rumors and What Qualities He Wants in a Wife

Ryan Park earned himself the nickname Mr. Sunshine during the premiere of The Bachelorette Season 7. He's a solar energy executive, so that helped, but more than anything, it was for his gosh-darn sunny demeanor.

Some of the guys on his season questioned his sincerity and were irritated by his exuberance. In a new interview with Jen's Reality, Ryan admitted that even he wasn't 100 percent sold on himself when watching the show back.

Ryan Park Talks Kacie Boguskie Dating Rumors and What Qualities He Wants in a Wife
Credit: via Ryan Park's Twitter    

"Frankly, I felt a little embarrassed at times when some comments or expressions of mine were captured and shown on TV [because] even I felt that I was 'too over the top,'" Ryan said.

Now that time has gone by, Ryan's fan base has just increased — especially after
The Bachelor Season 16’s premiere, when Kacie Boguskie did that same sweet/cheesy heart-with-your-hands thing that Ryan did on his premiere. When Ryan actually met Kacie in real life — and they did the heart thing together — we were sure Mr. Sunshine had found his Mrs. Sunshine. But ... maybe not.

"Kacie B. and I enjoyed lunch together in Newport Beach following the Women Tell All weekend," Ryan told Jen of their friendship. "While I wasn’t surprised that we got along so well, it was incredibly refreshing to validate the fact that she is an absolute sweetheart. We have remained in contact and she has many of the qualities I’m seeking in a partner. Unfortunately, given our geographic separation and my schedule we haven’t been able to spend time together since."

Bah! Geographic separation just means at least one of you has to budge — we’ve been saying that to Bachelor Pad 2 sweethearts Michelle “I’m In Salt Lake City” Money and Graham “But I’m In New York City” Bunn for almost a year now.

Ryan Park Talks Kacie Boguskie Dating Rumors and What Qualities He Wants in a Wife
Credit: Ali Fedotowsky's Twitter    

Speaking of qualities he wants in a partner, Ryan was diplomatic in saying he and Ben Flajnik are "very different individuals" — and his choices as The Bachelor would've reflected that. (Translation: Courtney Robertson would've had no shot at being Mrs. Sunshine.)

Hey! If you ask us, it’s never too late! We still think he’d be a great candidate for the rose-giving gig. And if he were to be tapped as the next Bachelor, he said of his hypothetical group of girls, "I would hope the producers would find a nurturing person with a giving soul. Someone with energy to experience the wonders of the world and doesn’t take things for granted. I believe if you have that in your core, then many other qualities fall into line. Clearly I would hope they find someone into health /exercise with a thirst to learn. The world is full of so many interesting topics… choose some… let’s have a real conversation. :)"

And for those wondering, smiley Ry does have one major relationship oh-no-no: "Don't play games! Be real, open and honest."

Read the full interview for more of Ryan’s thoughts on life, love, and bromances after The Bachelorette.

Source: Jen's Reality