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What Will Castle and Beckett’s Big Moment Be Like? 3 Sexy Hookup Scenarios

While many of us are still undecided on whether Castle and Beckett will actually jump each other’s bones in the Season 4 finale, we can’t help but fantasize about what it would be like if they did.

Oh, who are we kidding? We’ve been dreaming about it for four seasons! (Not at the Four Seasons. That’s different.)

Stana Katic (Beckett) and Nathan Fillion (Castle) have both weighed in on what they hope the inevitable hookup will be like. While Stana favors one with “lots of kissing” (um, duh!), Nathan says he hopes it’s “clumsy.” Cute, right?

Anyway, they’re certainly not the only ones dreaming up possible Caskett hookup scenarios. Below are Wetpaint Entertainment’s three theories for how America’s favorite will-they-won’t-they couple finally will. Enjoy!

3. Angry Sex is the Best Sex

Let’s be real: Control freak that she is, Kate Beckett will not be pleased when she finds out Castle’s been looking into her mother’s murder without her consent. Kate will try to avoid Castle as best she can, although it won’t be entirely possible since they’re solving a case together.

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Finally, as the case is winding down, Castle will show up at Beckett’s loft, downtrodden, depressed, and desperate for her forgiveness, perhaps with a coffee (or bottle of wine?) in hand. She’ll look at him bitterly, but invite him in regardless. And then, he’ll grab her face, dropping the coffee (or wine, or whatever) on the ground — and she can’t resist.

As the kiss continues, Beckett’s anger turns into unbridled passion. The twosome trip over shoes on the floor and knock over books on Beckett’s coffee table as they make their across the apartment, unbuttoning their clothes in the process, until they finally reach the bedroom …

(And then they’ll spend a steamy weekend in the Hamptons. Naturally.)

2. All’s Fair in Love and Imminent Death

Castle’s secret comes out as they’re working the case, and Beckett is understandably devastated. We imagine she’s angry with him for most of the ep, but as they are forced to work together to solve the case — and their usual on-case chemistry surfaces over and over again — Beckett’s anger at him slowly melts away.

Then, near ep’s end, Castle and Beckett end up clearly in another near-death situation. It’s in that bone-chilling moment that Beckett thinks about everything — she plays out their entire wonderful, twisted relationship in her mind — and that’s when she realizes whoever this person that’s out to get them is is after Castle, not her, and she has to react quickly to save him from imminent death.

Without a second thought, she throws herself right into whatever danger awaits them, and disaster is averted for both of them. When Castle asks her why’d she do something so stupid, she screams, “Because I love you!” He responds “You do?” confused, but clearly happy. It’s happening! Beckett is finally ready.

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Cut to Castle’s loft, where he’s invited Beckett home for that celebratory drink. Castle admits how upset he was that she kept the secret from him, and she says the same about her mother’s case. But they both decide that in this case, two wrongs do make a right. And thanks to a lil’ wine as their catalyst, and all the buzz from the day’s earlier events, the twosome just can’t hold back anymore.

“But no more secrets, OK?” Beckett says, softly biting her lip, to which Castle responds, “I promise to tell you the truth. Always.” And as he leans in to kiss her, Beckett whispers back, “Always” and they kiss, slowly and softly …

1. Hot Hamptons House Hookup

Thanks to spoiler king Michael Ausiello’s blind item, we know a house could be involved with the duo who do the deed. So, imagine this: With NYC becoming an increasingly dangerous place for the duo to hang out due to Beckett’s sniper, Castle insists he and his crime-solving sweetheart hideout in his Hamptons home for awhile 'til things settle. And she obliges.

And there — in the quiet and solitude of the oceanside — all their secrets pour out. Secrets that seemed detrimental to their relationship in the city now seem miniscule in the face of real danger. And when Kate realizes Castle’s doing everything he can to save her — and always has, all along — she finds it impossible to stay angry at him.

“I thought you didn’t care,” Castle confesses. And that’s when the tears come, which is followed by kissing through tears. And then, well, we think you know where this is going!

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