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Is David Boreanaz Leaving Bones? Twitter Firestorm Raises Serious Speculation

It's time to grab a body pillow and a pint of ice cream, because your jaw is about to hit the floor! We reported on March 29th that Bones was renewed for an 8th season (hallelujah!), but is everything really as it seems for next season?

The cast have been busy filming the 7th season finale, but David Boreanaz (Agent Seeley Booth) sent a bombshell tweet that implied he's off the show for good: "Done. That's a series wrap for me folks! #Bones" A series wrap — as in, he will appear no more as Booth on Bones?!

Sure, it could have been a simple typo, but unfortunately, it gets worse.

Executive producer, Hart Hanson tweeted back, "@David_Boreanaz Thanks a million. I may have to sleep behind the gates of the lot tonight." We’re thinking Hart could already see the angry mob outside waving torches, pitchforks and femurs.

Sure enough, fans took to the interwebs to express their distress, and Hart followed up with "The thing you have to ask yourself is if @David_Boreanaz means as an actor, a director, or if he's simply lobbin a grenade. Who knows?" Well, it's a good guess that you know, Hart!

But it doesn't look like David knows either — at least judging from the cryptic, yet lyrical tweet he sent to fans who asked if he meant to say "season" instead of "series." He tweeted: "A season a series? A season of series...what hat does that mean? And what hat do I hang?" Super sigh, David — what hat, indeed?

Fingers crossed that David will be back as Booth for season eight, otherwise we might drown in hatfuls of tears.

What do you guys think — would David really leave Bones for good?

UPDATE: David followed up yesterday's kerfuffle with this equally vague, yet not very reassuring tweet: "New chapters and new doors. So many to open and dare to start. It's the fear that motivates and the unknown that fuels me. Live in the moment."

Profound words, and though they may be vague, they don't seem to bode well for Bones fans. We will keep you posted!

04.30.2012 / 10:47 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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