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Best Castle Quotes From Season 4, Episode 22: “Undead Again”

Who knew zombies, bizarre drugs, and one everlasting game of laser tag could produce such super-hilarious wisecracks?

Check out the top quotables from Castle, Season 4, Episode 22: "Undead Again” below and be sure to add your favorites in the comments!

10. Castle: "Is there a police code for zombie on the loose?"

This is so showing up in Castle’s next book.

9. Castle: "This one’s easy. The more intelligent the victim, the more delicious the brains."

Castle rationalizes for the undead.

8. Ryan: "He does look like a real zombie."
Esposito: "A real zombie? I’m embarrassed for you, bro."

Ryan’s been drinkin’ the Castle Kool-Aid again!

7. Martha: "You wanna see some real zombies, check out the red carpet at the Tony Awards."

Martha’s seen it all.

6. Castle: "I have one word for you mother: zombie."
Martha: "Too much makeup?"

So that’s her secret.

5. Esposito: "Who would beat a guy up wearing a 150-year-old shirt?"

That’s just rude.

4. Martha: "It seems Detective Beckett is available for a play date."

Always is.

3. Perlmutter: "Our intrepid heroes have arrived … And Castle."


2. Castle: "But then who’s going to play with me?"

The question most parents ask themselves before their child goes to college.

1.Martha: "She’s growing up."
Castle: "She doesn’t have to. Look at me!"

And we all know how that’s worked out …

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