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Bones Promo for Season 7, Episode 12 “The Suit on the Set”: Our In-Depth Analysis

The promo for Bones Season 7, Episode 12: “The Suit On The Set” is 31 jam-packed seconds of lights, camera, and action! If you watched this clip and still feel like you have no idea why Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) look-alikes are running around your screen, fear not. We’ve parsed through every millisecond of promo content and created a detailed analysis of what’s to come!

Watch out, things are about to get meta up in here.

0:01 – Booth And Brennan Doppelgangers Run For Their Lives In Slow-Motion
Please, Brennan wishes she had those long blonde locks.

0:02 – Crazy Alien Lasers Interrupt Idyllic Squintern Picnic
OMG, all of Hodgins' (TJ Thyne) nerdy fantasies are coming true!

0:03 – Terrible Quality CGI Plane Zooms Around Our Heads
Major flashback to the 90s, and not in a good way.

0:04 – Huge Explosion Kills Everyone
2012, just sayin.

0:05 – Just Kidding, Peeps Are Still Alive –– And Famous!
Yep, the Jeffersonian gang are in Hollywood on the set on Brennan's movie!

0:06 – Brennan Yells "Cut"
Of course she's a genius auteur, how could you even question that?

0:07 – Fake Brennan Fondles Some Bones
Not nearly as turned on as real Brennan. Listen to the bones, girl. Listen.

0:10 – Shot Of A Camera Takes Up Valuable Screen Time
Could be better used to show off Booth's abs. Priorities, people.

0:11 – Brennan Complains About Changes To Her Script
Not enough forbidden love and off-screen sex, probably.

0:14 – Booth And Brennan Put On Their Stunner Shades
When in Rome...

0:17 – Plebeian Screenwriter Calls Brennan's Book Crap
Don't worry, she'll exact her revenge on his femurs. Bwahahahaha.

0:20 – Random Extra Jaw-Drops
This poor little dude is just so happy to be included in the promo.

0:21 – Stop Everything, Real Human Remains Are On Set
Brennan probably packed them in her luggage. Her addiction is real, guys.

0:23 – Fake Brennan Passes Out
What a newbie. Clearly the bones aren't speaking to her.

0:25 – Fake Booth Attacks Real Booth, Compliments Him On His Stunt Skills
Too much hot to handle!

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05.1.2012 / 09:19 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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