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Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 22: “Undead Again”

Last night’s zombie-themed “Undead Again” brought something more than flesh-eating monsters back the dead.

Castle and Beckett’s damaged relationship also received its own resurrection. After weeks of barely speaking, last night’s ep gave us a little hope. While Castle and Beckett may not have been banging at each other’s doors with apologetic flowers and candy (or, you know, wine and coffee), they did engage in some good ol’ witty banter. Just like the good old days!

Did you catch all the Caskett moments last night? Take a gander at some hilarious Caskett exchanges from Season 4, Episode 22: “Undead Again” below!

3. Partnerin’ Up

Castle and Beckett haven’t exactly been on each other’s teams lately. But on last night’s ep, C and B were all over the zombie case — together. From hitting up a suspect’s apartment to exploring a seedy factory (and finding themselves in the midst of a creepy zombie walk), Castle and Beckett are so back to partner status.

2. Zombie Talk

After their supposed dead suspect turns out to be alive and well (OK, "well" might be an overstatement), Castle and Beckett have an adorable conversation at the precinct.

“He rose from the dead,” Castle says, to which Beckett responds with a smile, “He didn’t rise from the dead, Castle. He wasn’t dead in the first place.”

“He’s a human killer, with a human motive,” she reasons. “Or, he’s a zombie killer with a zombie motive," he quips.

Oh, how we’ve missed this!

1. Tomorrow’s Only a Day Away

After a heartfelt conversation about Beckett’s time in therapy and the fact that her walls are coming down (!), Castle says he’d like to be there when they do — but without the zombie makeup.

“I think the zombie makeup kind of suits you,” Beckett says. Then, with a coy smile, she replies, “Tomorrow?” and he responds softly, "Tomorrow.”

Please excuse us while we squee!

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