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Castle Recap of Season 4, Episode 22: “Undead Again”

Murder, and zombies and Caskett — oh my! “Undead Again” could have been a super fluffy episode, but instead, a monstrous case led to a monstrous step in the right direction for Castle and Beckett.

“Undead Again” begins in the Castle loft. While the viewer is led to believe a looming murderer is about to attack lil’ Alexis Castle, what’s really happening is Rick Castle is all suited up in his superhero garb and looking for a playmate. Sadly, Alexis is mulling over her college decision, so she has to turn down her dad’s playdate, but she does offer him some sagely advice:

“I think it’s time to holster the laser guns and be adults.” Double entendre, much?

Later, Castle gets a call from Beckett — which he ignores — in front of his mom, Martha, which spawns a minor heart-to-heart. He admits he and Beckett aren’t hitting it off lately, but Martha kindly informs Castle perhaps that’s partly his fault. Hanging out with stewardesses and gang cops? Yeah. Might have something to do with that.

Martha says he needs to quit punishing Beckett, to which Castle responds, “I know. You’re right.” and says he’s going to meet up with the detective for their last case ever. Wait! That’s so not what she meant!

Our vic this ep is David Lock, a currency trader. His boss found him in the early a.m. — with bite marks all over his arm. But these are no ordinary bite marks! The person actually dug their teeth into David’s flesh and “shook like a pitbull” before letting go. Their only clue at the scene is a lace cuff from a 150-year-old shirt. Talk about random!

David’s boss Mike Matthews says a week prior someone keyed David’s car, probably Charlie, a man vying for the same promotion. Caskett find Charlie at his apartment, extremely wound-up, claiming it’s not safe for them to be there, and handcuffed to his own windowsill. He tells Caskett he was attacked, too — by a zombie. Yes, a zombie. Guess that the explains the bite marks, but really?

Back at the precinct, Esposito confirms both David and Charlie were bit by an “unidentified third party.” Castle’s excited by that prospect (naturally), while Beckett is far from amused. That’s when Ryan busts in with more clues. And as the team watch a security camera from the crime scene, the potential suspect comes into view. Decaying skin? 150-year-old suit? Guy is totally a zombie.

Giddy as a schoolgirl, Castle gladly shouts out the obvious: “My friends, that is a zombie. The killer’s a zombie!”

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Back at the Castle loft, Rick shares his excitement about the case with Martha — who gets equally animated over the prospect. Then, Alexis pops up (er, down) and laser tags the crap out of her unsuspecting father. The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Castle family!

Back to the case: The crew discovers David was having an affair with an engaged woman, Greta, whose fiance, Tom, had caught wind of it a week prior. But Tom’s alibi check outs. Then, the team discovers David’s shoe contains a chemical from a factory he visited before his death. As they approach said creepy factory, things get weird. Like, real weird.

Terrified, Castle and Beckett find themselves surrounded by hordes of zombies! But when Beckett announces that she’s NYPD, one of the "zombies" informs them it’s just a zombie walk. A game. “How did I not know about this?” Castle squeals before bringing the zombies in for questioning.

Unusual as it may be, Castle and Beckett being forced to talk zombies is totally getting them back into their old, banter-y groove as they swap stories about the undead. That’s cute, right?

A few of the other zombies are able to identify the killer-zombie in the security cameras: Kyle Jennings. They crash into Kyle’s apartment, only to discover him dead as a doornail — or so they think.

Over at the morgue, Castle asks the coroner if there’s any way to determine if Kyle was an actual zombie. “He was an alive man, and now he’s a dead man,” says the coroner, annoyed. And that’s when the unthinkable happens: The "zombie" springs up from the gurney and stumbles out of the morgue! Dude! WTF is going on here?

Later, the crew discovers the zombie was never actually dead in the first place. Um, oops? Still, Castle continues to spew zombie theories, annoying both Beckett and Esposito. Ryan whispers to Castle, asking if he truly believes in all the zombie stuff. “No, but I believe in annoying Beckett,” he says. Ryan says it’s nice to see the two of them getting along. We’d be hard pressed not to agree.

When Caskett questions Kyle, he claims he doesn’t remember that night, but swears he wouldn’t hurt anyone. “You think he remembers?” Beckett suggests. “When a life altering event occurs, people remember,” Castle says as he stares right into her eyes. “Well maybe it’s too big to deal with. Maybe he can’t face it just yet,” she says. “You think he ever will be?” “Maybe. If he feels safe.”

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Classic Caskett conversation. Why can’t these two ever just be real with each other?

Unfortch, the coroner breaks up this telling Caskett moment to inform the duo that their suspect was drugged with a motion sickness drug that makes its users extremely compliant. Sounds like somebody at the zombie walk slipped our suspect a lil somethin’ somethin’ and then sent him to do the dirty work on David. Turns out, Tom, Greta’s disgruntled fiance, is the supplier. Convenient.

Tom refuses to confess in questioning, but when he finds out Jennings is out on bail, he forcibly asks for police protection. Esposito drives the drug dealer to his home, but before he can drop him off, a zombie strikes the cruiser window with a bat! Uh oh!

The zombie — supposedly Jennings — grabs Tom and says he’s going to kill him for making him take out Lock. With that, Tom confesses everything. But the zombie isn’t Jennings — it’s Castle! We must say, he makes one good lookin’ flesh-eater! Those eyes! Mmm!

Although Jennings is in the clear, Castle and Beckett both feel for the guy. It’s this sympathy for Jennings that makes Castle and Beckett open up.

“He’s gonna need therapy,” Castle says. “It helps,” Beckett responds, revealing she’s been going to some herself. “ … I think I'm almost where I wanna be now,” she says. “And where’s that?” Castle asks. “In a place where I can finally accept everything that happened that day. Everything.”

She continues: “And that wall I was telling you about? I think it’s coming down.” And he replies: “I’d like to be there when it does.” “I’d like you to be there, too.”

Then, never one to miss a chance to inject some humor, he adds: “Only without the zombie makeup.”

It happened, kids. Kate Beckett just revealed she’s ready to get over the past. We don’t want to get our hopes up too high, but we’re definitely crossing our fingers that this means good — OK, really good — stuff for next week’s season finale!

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