Pauly D’s Road Manager Quits Due to Rising Fame on The Pauly D Project
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Jersey Shore

Pauly D’s Road Manager Quits Due to Rising Fame on The Pauly D Project

Biggie has left the building. Well, the Pauly D building anyway.

Jersey Shore Examiner first reported that Biggie, Pauly D’s mentor, road manager, and co-star on The Pauly D Project, has decided to part ways — professionally — from his famous friend. In other words, Biggie will no longer be working as Pauly D’s road manager.

A source close to Pauly D confirmed the news to Wetpaint Entertainment, noting that Biggie had started getting bigger and better DJ opportunities thanks to his raised profile on Pauly D’s show. As a result, Biggie had to leave Pauly’s team in order to pursue his own dream of being a famous DJ.

The source adds that the two are still “best friends” and are “the closest out of the group” on The Pauly D Project. Pauly bears no ill will towards his hometown friend.

But does this mean that the other guys from The Pauly D Project will be pursuing other jobs? The source notes that handsome JROC and Ryan never officially worked for Pauly, so they are free to pursue whatever comes their way. However, Pauly’s bodyguard and BFF Jerry will likely remain together.

“Those two are joined at the hip,” the source notes. “Jerry isn’t going anywhere.”

Well, even with Biggie leaving Pauly’s team to focus on other DJ gigs, that doesn’t mean that he can’t make the occasional appearance on the hypothetical second season of The Pauly D Project, right? We'd miss his adorable tears and cute fiancee too much!

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Source: Jersey Shore Examiner

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