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Teen Mom

Star-Crossed Teen Mom Love: A History of Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp’s Relationship

Who else is completely in love with the mysterious hooded creature known as "Kieffer Delp"? Answer: Everyone.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans met Kieffer during a beach-side party, and was so impressed by his taste in pick-up lines (Y'all sure ya'll fine?"), that she fell in love.

Their first date was at a local swamp, where they taunted alligators and ate ice cream, and before long they were making sweet, hooded love.

Unfortunately, Kieffer convinced Jenelle to join him on his adventures in squatting, and they were arrested last spring for pot possession and breaking-and-entering.

Jenelle tried to end things with Kieffer when he proved to be a total deadbeat, but she was drawn to his sexy wayfarer charm, and before long they were speaking in gentle mumbles. Well, until Kieffer got drunk, flashed his butt crack at millions of TV viewers, and pushed Jenelle.

This time, our girl Jenelley had The Delp arrested — but she was unable to resist his siren call and before we knew it they were making out at Planet Fun.

Kieffer and his lady enjoyed a few happy weeks until Jenelle booked it across the country for rehab, but did the breakup last? Of course not, have you learned nothing about their pure, beautiful love? It never ends!

"We're kinda on-and-off right now," Jenelle explained to Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 reunion special.

"It's really hard to break up with your best friend that's been there with you through everything. Even though he makes me mad, he helps me in a lot of different ways. He helps me be calm. He calms me down and stresses me out."

After rehab, Jenelle developed an addiction to the scent of Kieffer's hoodie, but unfortunately he went back to jail (again, sigh), and they broke up "for good."

Jenelle even started a long-term relationship with Marine Gary Head and almost put a ring on it — until Kieffer was released from the clink and won her heart back.

These two are currently head over heels in love with each other, and Jenelle says "we just have that connection with each other we can't let go."

Never let go, Jenelle. Never.

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