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Top 5 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 22, “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Gossip Girl dishes out more OMG moments each week than most shows combined, and with just two weeks left of the season, our cup overfloweth with such moments! Without further ado, here are our top five OMGs from last night's Season 5, Episode 22: "Raiders of the Lost Art"!

Top 5 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 22, “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Serena switches teams...
She did switch teams, right? And she ditched Diana Payne in favor of her old pals and Chuck's ongoing struggle to figure out his lineage... right? We think so, anyway, and even though her friends kinda played her (a lil', anyway – see below!), we're hoping her loyalties stick with ours. After all, Chuck's sorta, kinda family. And most importantly, we're so ready for S to leave her deceptive ways behind...

Nate and Lola double-cross Serena — by taking away her Gossip Girl access
Smooth moves with the laptop, guys! And it was about time S got knocked off her pedestal. Girl needed a refresher on being a decent.human.being. Ahem! PLUS, now GG is back in the rightful hands of its original owner (in theory) – which means he or she is ready for a takedown! (We hope.)

Dorota goes undercover as a masseuse — and gets Diana to sing like a canary
TRUTH: Dorota is the unsung superhero of the UES – and it's nice to see her really SHINE every once in awhile. As a fake masseuse, she not only provided serious intel into the mystery of Diana P, but also some awesomely timed comic relief. Go, D!

Dan gives up Rome for Blair — who can't even return his ILU
So there you go: those the three little words uttered by Dan (and only Dan) that are going to be working against Dair in the weeks to come. Huh. We'd love to say we're surprised, but we'd be lying. Dude has a way of letting the ladies impact his decisions. And B, well, we know her feelings are split. And honestly, there’s nothing romantic about saying “I love you” because you’re panicked about your gf spending the day with her ex.

Blair (then Chuck!) discover Bart Bass!
Hidden away in a mansion! That doubles as a brothel! Alongside Diana Payne and Jack Bass! What a tangled web these folks weave, ehhh? The ins and outs of his apparent non-deceasedness have yet to be discovered, but we know for SURE that a) every time Chuck Bass is having emotional turmoil it breaks our HEARTS and b) that fabulous Chair moment (the hand-holding!) outside of this den of weirdness was enough to make us squeal with glee.

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05.1.2012 / 10:45 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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