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3 Reasons Castle and Beckett Shouldn’t Hook Up in the Season 4 Finale “Always”

First, let it be known: We are all for Castle and Beckett hooking up. We’ve been fed all kinds of spoilers over the past few weeks that lead us to believe the S-word might be in the duo's future, and we couldn’t be more stoked! By now Caskett’s sexual tension has become more like full-on frustration — for them and us!

Still, we can’t ignore the other side of the coin. For seasons, we’ve heard all the talk about the “Moonlighting curse” this and “what if it gets boring” that, so we know there’s still a few Caskett non-believers out there.

Let’s take a look at things from the other side. Why shouldn’t the sexy, independent sleuth and her crime writer co-worker do the deed? Read on!

3. Sexual Tension Is Fun, But Is Romance?

Sure, Castle writers have teased the sh*t out of Castle and Beckett’s relationship, but let’s be real: We always want what we can’t have, including us as the audience.

Could it be that Castle and Beckett will lose their spark once they finally hook up? Could it be that we’ll lose our spark for them, too?

Eventually, every relationship dies down. And while there’s something to be said for watching people in love (we all love a good romantic comedy where the leads hook up and fall in love, right?), relationships can get, well, boring. Yawn City.

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2. Witty Banter Go Bye-Bye?

We’re not going to lie: We worry that Caskett’s hilarious dynamic would take a hit if the couple’s love were to blossom. All their cute back-and-forth banter might not happen as often if the twosome are truly, madly, deeply in love.

Sure, there are couples who tease each other (and some who even make poking fun at each other a central part of their relationship), but in those first few special months, it seems like some of the joking goes out the window while new couples explore each other romantically.

Then again, there are some pretty funny long-term couples on TV. Like, you know, Raymond and Debra. Or Homer and Marge. Bad examples?

1. Things Could Get Awkward

After yanking viewers around for seasons, one would like to think that if Castle and Beckett got it on, it’d turn into a wonderful, satisfying, life-long romance — no questions asked. However, we all know hookups don’t always lead to relationships, and even then, not all relationships last.

Although incognito lovers Lanie and Esposito are (somewhat) able to work together, how would it play out for Castle and Beckett if they — for some bizarre reason — discovered it just didn’t work? What then, huh?!

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05.2.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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