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5 Heart-Melting Reasons Why Bones’ Seeley Booth Is A Great Dad

We were so moved by David Boreanaz birthday tweet for his son Jaden’s 10th birthday that we started thinking about how completely rockin’ it would be for any kid to have Agent Seeley Booth as a Dad. Between Mama Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) braininess and Papa Booth’s brawniness, his kids are pretty much secured a lifetime of awesomeness.

Get ready to awwwww out loud as we run through five heart-metling reasons we think Booth is doing a great job as Dad!

1. Sure, He’s Overprotective, But It’s Because He Cares
Remember in Season 4 when Booth sent little Parker (Ty Panitz) to see Sweets (John Francis Daley) because he was so extremely worried about his son’s potential trauma over seeing that severed finger? (Gross, btw.) Well, Parker was fine – but Booth wanted to make extra, super sure that Parker wouldn’t have nightmares and years of therapy. Yes, it’s overkill, but we’ll take smothering over neglect any day.

2. Even His Baby Mama Agrees
Booth really cares about being a good dad, you guys. Even way back when Parker’s mom Rebecca (Jessica Capshaw) turned down Booth’s marriage proposal, poor guy thought it was all about his ability to be a good father. Pshaw! Though she didn’t want to marry Booth, Rebecca took the time to assure him that Parker was a lucky kid – her desire to avoid marriage had nothing to do with Booth’s lack of parenting skills. We like imagine she's somewhere sobbing into a bowl of regret-flavored ice cream wishing she'd said yes.

3. It's Important Both His Kids Feel Equally Loved
Just because new Baby Christine is now on the scene, that doesn’t make Parker old news. Booth goes out of his way to make sure that the two have proper bonding and that they’re all one big happy family – Brennan included. Parker’s adorably homemade baby-mobile/art-project thingy totally proves it’s working!

4. 100% Total Role Model
Between his military background, unwavering faith and general super-strength moral fiber, we think that Booth sets the bar pretty high for exemplary personal conviction. He’s also incredibly hot – whichof course helps.

5. He’s Overjoyed At The News!
Remember that enormous smile he unleashed when Brennan told him “You’re the father” at the end the Season 6 finale “The Change in the Game”? Well, yeah – who could forget?! He loved hearing the news. We loved hearing the news. Actually, everyone loved hearing the news. Booth is an amazing father. Case closed.

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05.2.2012 / 02:16 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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