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Early Buzz From Critics: The Avengers Doesn’t Suck!

Hey, did you hear about a small film coming out this weekend, about a bunch of Marvel superheroes who get together (sorry, ASSEMBLE) to kick some ass? Turns out, The Avengers is (so far) living up to its superhero-sized expectations! This just might the most widely publicized film ever—the internet has been healthily abuzz with clips, teasers and footage for over a year, and every Marvel superhero movie leading up to it, from Iron Man to Thor, has featured secret post-credit clips that serve as a prologue to this multi-hero mashup.

The flick even closed the high-profile Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Saturday, gaining street cred with a crowd that isn't only interested in popcorn movies. Naturally, it's safe to wonder if Joss Whedon (writer-director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) could back it all up with a watchable film. But according to Rotten Tomatoes, everyone from Entertainment Weekly to E! Online are Avenger fans, with the latter giving the film an A and raving especially about The Hulk (portrayed by yet another actor this time—Mark Ruffalo—after both Edward Norton and Eric Bana in previous films). And lets not forget ScarJo as the seductively dangerous Black Widow...

In any case, let's just hope the critics are right and this movie packs the action and smarts that made some of its precursors so fun.

So, what are you doing this weekend?

Sources: E! Online, Rotten Tomatoes

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05.2.2012 / 09:14 AM EDT by Dan Heching
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