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Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Rachel “Doesn’t Give Up” on NYADA! Can She Still Make It In?

Last night, Glee fans the world over watched as series fave Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) lived up to the ep’s title and toootally choked during her audition for NYADA. We’re sure we’re not alone when we say… it was painful. And so sad! And so hard to watch! Poor Rachel…

But while fans were wiping away their tears, the cast of Glee was on-hand at the TV Academy answering questions about what’s still to come this season, and the lady behind Ms. Berry, Lea Michele herself, hinted that more might be ahead before all is said and done at McKinley High.

TVGuide’s William Keck tweeted from the panel, “@msleamichele tells me she hopes to work with @whoopigoldberg more in #glee season 4 as her NYADA music teacher.”

Whaaat?! Does that mean Rachel makes it into NYADA after all? We thought only one of our pals was getting in?! Or course, if you look at Lea’s wording closely, she never confirms Rachel’s NYADA admission. Is Lea just teasing us? (We can’t handle the teases!!!)

Maybe it has a little something to do with Rachel’s fightin’ spirit, which series creator Ryan Murphy made mention of, saying, “The great thing about that character is that she just doesn’t give up. That’s a wonderful thing to write to, Rachel’s tenacity. I think people love that about her, that she has a dream, even now. It’s inspirational to a lot of kids to see a scene like that and not get what you want in the moment but not give up. That’s the idea of what the show is about.”

Sounds like there’s still a fair chance of things working out for the best! After all, if somebody is going to make lemonade out of that lemon of an audition, it’s Rachel Berry…Right?

TELL US: Do you still have hope for Rachel’s dreams of NYADA?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter

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05.2.2012 / 11:03 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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