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More Faberry in the Glee Finale! Lea Michele Teases Last Quinn and Rachel Scene of Season 3

Without a doubt, it’s the most beloved and fan-adored of all Glee relationships... well, at least among those that probably won’t ever actually happen.

Yes, we’re talking about Glee’s Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Rachel (Lea Michele). Never have two straight characters caused such a fan outcry for a lesbian relationship. In relationship poll after relationship poll, Faberry just keeps crushing the competition.

Lea Michele loves to give fans a heads up on Twitter whenever she and Dianna Agron are about to film a scene together, and it sounds like there will be quite the interesting scene coming up in Glee’s May 22 Season 3 finale. And it involves... the girls’ bathroom?

On April 30, Lea tweeted, “Last Quinn and Rachel scene for the season! Happy birthday @DiannaAgron! We're spending your bday in the girls bathroom:) lol”

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The way she worded it, we’d say Lea was trying to get the Faberry fans all excited, wouldn’t you say?

Whether Quinn’s slapping Rachel at prom or the two are discussing other emotional and personal moments — Faberry has had more than a few moments together in the McKinley bathroom over the years.

With emotions running so high for everyone in light of senior class graduation, what do you think this final Quinn and Rachel of Glee Season 3 will entail?

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